McDonald’s Menu in UK & Menu Prices of Today

Enjoy the complete McDonald’s Menu with Menu Prices in UK along with Ingredients and Nutrition Details. We are providing Prices from Deliveroo that is Official McDonald’s Delivery Partner. Also, We are Updating McDonald’s Menu and Prices time to time.

What’s New

Enjoy the Limited Time Offers of Different New Items. These Items are for very limited time and may change within few days.


Probably, the most popular fast-food category on McDonald’s menu comprises delicious and succulent burgers for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Saver Menu

This category of McDonald’s menu offers you a combination of budget-friendly burgers with a cold drink and any side items like fries

Wraps & Salad

Probably, the most popular fast-food category on McDonald’s menu comprises delicious and succulent burgers for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


This menu contains especially McDonald’s flavoured coffees, Tea, Frappe, Latte, and smoothies to enlighten your day.

Breakfast Menu

A popular menu category for McDonald’s lovers to start their day with amazing sandwiches that are delicious and nutritious providing a significant amount of energy. 

Vegan & Vegetarian

McDonald’s is also satisfying the demand of vegetarians. A Large Variety of items that are purely vegetarian available to enjoy. You may check and enjoy!

Happy Meal

Enjoy the taste of Happy Meal at McDonald’s. These are Budget Friendly Meals to enjoy with family.

Milkshakes and Drinks

McDonald’s Offering Variety of Milkshakes and Drinks in all SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE sizes. All are with different calories quantity. You Must enjoy these items.

Fries and Sides

Enjoy the taste of Fries and Sides at Mcdonald’s. These are available as side items with burgers and other meals.


Enjoy the Sweetness and softness of McDonald’s Desserts. A variety of Desserts available with World’s finest taste. All are budget friendly and Healthy in calories intake.

Chicken McNuggets & Selects

Breakfast meal under 400Kcal

Here is a McDonald’s Breakfast Meal Under 400Kcal. It is Combo of Breakfast items but with low calories.

Condiments & Sauces

Main meal under 400Kcal

Enjoy the Main Meal Under 400 Kcal that includes salads, Burgers and mineral water bottles with variations.

Main meal under 600Kcal

Also Check meal under 600Kcal. It is little bit different and with variations of burgers and Salads.

McDonald’s History in the UK

The first branch of this fast-food chain became operational in November 1974 in South-East London. By maintaining the quality of food, and health and safety measurements, McDonald’s saw a huge demand and popularity of their food and service. As time passed, the fast-food chain started to open its branches in different cities and regions of the United Kingdom. Currently, there are 1000+ McDonald’s restaurants operating in the UK alone. 

McDonald’s Branches and Employees in the UK

This fast-food chain has among the highest number of workers employed by a company in the United Kingdom. With more than 1300 different franchises and restaurants, it is the most by any fast-food chain in the world. Within these restaurants, almost 120,000 employees are working in different capacities. 

With its effective management and training, McDonald’s is operating a large number of restaurants and handling a large pool of employees. All the staff members and workers are given necessary training regarding their particular task. 

McDonald’s Latest offers

McDonald’s keeps posting new offers and exciting deals for its customers. In these deals, you can get different prizes and giveaways from this fast food chain. In addition, you get rewards from My McDonald’s Rewards programs by taking part in these offers either at the branch or through the McDonald’s App.


McDonald’s does not want its customers to miss any deal or item just because they cannot visit the nearby branch. So, for this purpose, they have provided an option of ordering food from the comfort of your home. McDonald’s itself has a service for delivering food and other delivery partners are also associated with this fast food chain to deliver food like Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. But before you order any food from your nearby McDonald’s branch make sure, that branch is offering McDelivery service.


McDonald’s fast food chain has almost 1300 branches spread all over the United Kingdom. This number shows the popularity and customer loyalty of this fast-food chain. Not only in the UK but worldwide. 

There is no doubt that London has 181 branches of McDonald’s which is more than any other city in the United Kingdom. 

In 1953, Ray Kroc decided to expand this fast food business through the franchise model. However, on November 13, 1974, McDonald’s opened its very first restaurant in the United Kingdom. This restaurant was situated in the area of Woolwich, South-East London. 

Most of the breakfast items from McDonald’s usually contain egg or dairy products. However, English Muffin and Hash Browns are two items that do not include any such dairy or egg ingredients. But it depends on your choice also, if you do not want any such ingredient in your meal, you can customise your order and ask McDonald’s to remove egg or dairy products like cheese or butter from your favourite item.

You can check the ingredient details of each veggie burger or wrap from the detailed article on that particular item on the official site of McDonald’s. However, the ingredients are purely vegetarian and approved by the vegetarian community in the United Kingdom. For further details, you may go through the Allergen Booklet of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s excludes all such ingredients that do not comply with health and safety standards set by the Government Health Departments. So, there are no genetically modified ingredients or items used for preparing the meals and food items in these fast food chain kitchens. 

McDonald’s fast food chain strictly follows hygiene and health rules to ensure their food is prepared in a safe and healthy environment. Besides this, the chefs and cooks are professionally trained and know their duties very well. Furthermore, each staff member of McDonald’s washes his hands after every 30 minutes. 

In addition, each ingredient like egg, meat, or vegetable is handled and carried with special colour-coded utensils so that there is no contamination between these products to ensure hygiene and healthy food and environment. 

Yes, McDonald’s has given the choice of customising your order to the customer. In this way, you can order any particular item from the McDonald’s menu and customize your order by adding or removing any certain ingredient from the item. Therefore, if you want to order a McMuffin without a bun, it is possible and you can replace this bun with any other ingredient. However, the pricing may differ according to the addition or removal of any ingredient.

No, there is no such policy of offering student discounts on the Breakfast menu of McDonald’s across the United Kingdom. 

Veggie burgers or wraps like Vegetable Deluxe and Spicy Veggie One wraps are perfectly suitable for Vegetarians. The vegetarian society has approved these veggie products from this fast food chain and claimed that they are perfect for people who do not prefer meat or other organic food items.

Yes, the recipe for ketchup from McDonald’s is similar. So, if the ketchup is in a dispenser or served in pots, it has an identical taste and flavour. Furthermore, this ketchup is prepared in a hygienic environment with fresh and healthy tomatoes. Therefore, it does not matter if you take ketchup in pots or refill it through a dispenser, the ketchup quality and taste do not differ. 

McDonald’s branches that operate 24 hours usually start serving the breakfast menu and deals from 6:00 AM till 11:00 AM. During this time frame, you can only order items and products from the Breakfast menu. However, this time of serving breakfast menu may vary in different regions and according to the branch management. 

There are various products available on the McDonald’s menu for people with diabetes. However, they should read the allergens report or nutritional guide of McDonald’s and consult their doctors to see what they can eat from this menu.