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Pancakes and Syrup Recipes, Nutrition & Price At McDonald’s

Pancakes and Syrup Recipes

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Get your hands on a fantastic breakfast item from McDonald’s UK menu that offers three soft and flavorful pancakes. These pancakes and syrup are toasted to perfection. Furthermore, you can experience the perfect blend of creamy butter and rich, golden syrup, which makes the pancake and syrup breakfast item a great choice for the morning meal. It’s the best choice, along with hash brown and sugar donuts.

Pancakes & Syrup Price: £3.89

Pancakes & Syrup Nutritional Report

Energy     2019 KJ (24%RI)    477 KCal (24%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)8% RI 5.6g
Of which saturated (g)4% RI 0.9g
Carbohydrates (g)37% RI 95g
Of which Sugar (g)45% RI 41g
Protein (g)21% RI 10g
Fibre (g)Nil2.3g
Salt (g)24% RI 1.5g
Pancakes and Syrup Nutritional Report

Pancakes & Syrup Recipe

The recipe for preparing the pancakes is simple and you need to follow certain instructions regarding it. There are ingredients like flour, milk, pancake mix, egg, butter, and syrup that you should collect for baking a healthy pancake syrup.

How to make pancakes syrup?

  • First of all, add milk and pancake mix in a bowl. Besides this, you may add 2 eggs according to your choice. Mix these ingredients properly.
  • In the next step, fry some cooking oil in a frying pan. This is done to avoid the sticking of ingredients with a frying pan.
  • Make a small portion of the mix batter and align them in a tray.
  • Next, you should place them in an oven and leave them for baking.
  • Once they turn golden brown, take them out and serve with golden syrup.

Our Pancakes and Syrup Review

The healthy pancakes with syrup from McDonald’s menu can be savoured with multiple other McCafe items and drinks. However, a single serving of this item comes with soft and hot pancakes that are freshly prepared and layered with some butter.

The texture of these fluffy pancakes and syrup is soft on the upper side and a bit hard and crispy on the other side due to baking. Taking a bite of these pancakes after applying some syrup to them will fill your mouth with a delightful breakfast meal that satisfies your morning hunger.

So, for anyone who loves to have a soft and healthy breakfast, these pancakes with syrup are the right option to take on from McDonald’s UK breakfast menu.


The pancakes & syrup breakfast meal contains 2019 KJ or 477 Kcal in energy. A person consuming this item actually gets almost 25% of his/her daily energy intake.

One can easily purchase these pancakes with syrup from any McDonald’s restaurant during its breakfast hours. So, you can get it from the physical branch or order it to your house until 11:00 a.m.

The pancake syrup carbs count is 95 grams. It means that this pancake with syrup breakfast item will provide you with almost 37% of your daily carbs intake.

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