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Get your hands on the limited-time offer of Mighty McMuffin Brown Sauce on McDonald’s breakfast menu. This breakfast sandwich carries a delicious combination of bacon, pork patty, egg, and cheese in an English muffin, making it a complete breakfast item with healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Besides this, Mighty McMuffin is available as a meal option also in which you can pair up a hot drink from McCafe and a hash brown. The price goes a little higher because of the additional items.

McDonald’s mighty McMuffin brown sauce price: £5.79
McDonald’s mighty McMuffin brown sauce meal price: £7.19

Mighty McMuffin with Brown Sauce Ingredients

Quarter Beef Patty
Sesame Bun
Tomato Ketchup
Cheese Slice
Cheese Slice
389 kJ | 94 kcal
Smoky BBQ Sauce
Fat Blend
Smoky BBQ Sauce

McDonald’s Mighty McMuffin with Brown Sauce Nutritional Report

Energy        2163 KJ (26%RI)    517 KCal (26%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)40% RI 28g
Of which saturated (g)50% RI 10g
Carbohydrates (g)12% RI 31g
Of which Sugar (g)6% RI 5.7g
Protein (g)69% RI 35g
Fibre (g)Nil2.2g
Salt (g)46% RI 2.8g
McDonald’s Mighty McMuffin Brown Sauce Nutritional Report

McDonald’s Mighty McMuffin with Brown Sauce Recipe

  • First of all, prepare the pork patty by mincing the pork meat with seasonings and herbs. Then shape up the meat into matties and fry them in cooking oil.
  • Once you are done with the patty, prepare two pieces of back bacon by applying oil to it and frying slightly.
  • Next up is to ready an egg for this McMuffin. Add some oil to the frying pan and break an egg to fry it on medium heat.
  • You can fully or half-fry the egg according to your preferences. Once you have cooked the essential ingredients, move towards the stacking of ingredients between the muffins.
  • Take a muffin and on its bottom half, place a slice of cheddar cheese and place pork sausage patty on it.
  • Now, you need to place two bacon pieces in a twisted way so that they can be adjusted on the muffin.
  • The next step is placing the fried egg on top of these bacon pieces. Then add a layer of brown sauce onto this egg.
  • Finally, place the second half of the muffin on these stacked ingredients, and your homemade Mighty McMuffin is ready to serve.

Mighty McMuffin With Brown Sauce Review

The freshly prepared ingredients are stacked in a muffin and served in a closed package that, upon opening, provides a warm and delicious aroma. This makes you crave more of this mighty breakfast sandwich. The texture of this sandwich is rather delicate because of the softly baked muffin available on McDonald’s breakfast menu.

Taking a mouthful bite of this sandwich will tickle your taste buds and provide a succulent feeling. The addition of brown sauce enhances the flavour profile. It provides a tangy and a bit sweet element to the already exciting combination of a pork sausage patty, 2 bacon pieces, a cheddar cheese slice, and a freshly cracked egg.

The sauce sets up perfectly with the savoury components and makes a perfect blend of flavours. With its nice packaging and satisfying portion size, the Mighty McMuffin with Brown Sauce makes for a delicious item carrying a significant amount of energy as well


Might McMuffin paired with Brown Sauce contains an energy content of 517 Kcal or 2163 KJ. This amount of energy is approximately one-quarter of the total energy reference intake of a person

McDonald’s uses its own brown sauce that is prepared with ingredients like Tomato Paste, Barley Malt Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Cane Molasses, Water, and Sugar. 

No, the Mighty McMuffin with Ketchup and Brown Sauce is still available as a limited-time offer on the McDonald’s breakfast menu in the United Kingdom.

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