Toffee Latte Recipe, Calories & Price At McDonald’s Menu

Toffee Latte Recipe, Calories

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Get your hands on the sweet and toffee-flavoured latte from McCafe as the Toffee Latte. This rich-creamy coffee is a pure delight for toffee lovers like children and even adults. The amazing combination of toffee syrup, toffee dusting with milk and Arabic beans makes it a unique latte to try. 

Regular McDonalds Toffee flavoured Latte Price UK £2.29
Large Toffee flavoured Latte McDonald’s price UK £2.89

McDonald’s Toffee flavoured Latte Ingredients

  • Coffee
  • Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • Spray Cream
  • Toffee Latte Syrup
  • Toffee Drizzle

McDonalds Toffee flavoured Latte Nutrition Report

Energy: 187Kcal (Regular) 232Kcal (Large)
Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)9% RI 11% RI 6.3g7.5g
Of which saturated (g)20% RI 24% RI 4.1g4.8g
Carbohydrates (g)9% RI 12% RI 25g31g
Of which Sugar (g)25% RI 32% RI 23g29g
Protein (g)16% RI 20% RI 7.9g10.0g
Fibre (g)NilNil0.0g0.0g
Salt (g)4% RI 5% RI 0.25g0.32g
McDonalds Toffee flavoured Latte Nutrition Report

McDonalds Toffee Latte Recipe

So, making a latte with a toffee flavour is a breeze with a simple recipe that can be conveniently prepared in a home kitchen. You will need various basic ingredients, including Semi-Skimmed Milk, Toffee Drizzling, Arabic Beans, Spray Cream, and Toffee Latte Syrup, followed by the step-by-step guidelines laid out below.

How to make this Toffee Flavoured Latte?

  • First of all, prepare a single shot of espresso with a mixture of semi-skimmed milk and Arabic Beans Coffee. 
  • Next up is taking a cup and adding toffee flavoured latte syrup to this cup. You may add more or less of this syrup according to your preference.
  • Now, once the coffee machine has prepared the coffee, fill ¾ of the cup with the coffee.
  • Stir the coffee so that the toffee syrup is properly blended with the coffee.
  • Now, you take the spray cream can and add it on top of the coffee in the cup.
  • Finally, add to or three layers of Toffee drizzle on top of this creamy foam.
  • Your homemade toffee flavoured latte is ready to savour either hot or cold.

Toffee flavoured Latte McDonald’s Review

The colorful and creamy top of this latte makes its presentation wonderful. This creamy top with toffee syrup drizzled on it, enhances its visual appearance. Upon taking a sip of this latte, you will feel a comforting goodness in your mouth. So, the combination of toffee syrup, spray cream, and toffee drizzling with coffee is really a pleasure and feels like a warm hug. 

Besides this, you can enjoy this coffee hot or cold and its toffee drizzling sweetness and cream spray make it a cosy drink on the McDonald’s McCafe menu. You may enjoy it from any McDonald’s branch in the United Kingdom.


The calorie count of a this Toffee flavoured Coffee is given below:

Regular Toffee flavoured Latte McDonalds Calories: 187 Kcal or 786 KJ (9% RI)

Large Toffee flavoured Latte McDonalds Calories: 223 Kcal or 976 KJ (12% RI)

A 16-ounce cup of McDonald’s Latte with toffee flavour contains almost 142 mg of caffeine. However, this amount becomes 8.88 mg per fluid ounce.

The latte with toffee flavour from McCafe is relatively less sweet than other lattes or coffees. However, it does contain sugar content in the form of toffee flavoured latte syrup and toffee drizzling.

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