Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry (Limited time Offer) Available in Latest McDonald’s Menu

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry

McFlurry (Regular) Price: £2.39
McFlurry (Mini) price: £1.89

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry is another limited-time offer going on in McDonald’s UK menu. This dessert contains yummy ice cream layered with chocolate Sauce perfectly blended and served with Galaxy Chocolate Drops adding further richness of chocolate to this McFlurry. Available in Mini and regular sizes, this offer may end soon, so go and grab a cup of it. Also check Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry.

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1. Icecream
2. Milk Chocolate Sauce
3. Galaxy Chocolate Drops

Nutritional Report

Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)10% RI21% RI 7.2g14g
Of which saturated (g)23% RI47% RI 4.7g9.4g
Carbohydrates (g)10% RI19% RI 25g50g
Of which Sugar (g)26% RI53% RI 24g47g
Protein (g)6% RI12% RI 3.1g6.2g
Fibre (g)NilNil0.9g1.8g
Salt (g)2% RI4% RI 0.12g0.24g
Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Nutrition Report

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