Flat White Recipe, Calories and Price at McDonald’s Menu

Flat White Recipe

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An amazing hot drink from McDonald’s McCafe’s menu section is Flat White. Prepared while blending organic milk and 100% Arabic beans with a double espresso shot and a perfect start to your morning.

Flat White price Regular: £2.29

Flat White Ingredients

There are only 2 ingredients that combines to form Flat white. Both Ingredients are easily Available One is Coffee and other is Milk. There is a complete process to make Flat white you can check in Flat white Recipe Section.

1. Coffee 2. Milk

Flat White Nutrition Report

Energy = 86KCAL (362 kJ)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)4% RI 3.1g
Of which saturated (g)9% RI 1.9g
Carbohydrates (g)3% RI 8.4g
Of which Sugar (g)9% RI 8.2g
Protein (g)13% RI 6.3g
Fibre (g)Nil0.0g
Salt (g)3% RI 1.9g
Flat White Nutrition Report

Flat White vs Cappuccino

Flat WhiteCharacteristicsCappuccino
Coffee, MilkIngredientsMilk, Coffee, Chocolatey Powder
86 Kcal or 362 KJEnergy97 Kcal or 406KJ
More Coffee flavour with less milky sweetnessTasteMilky Sweetness with a Strong Coffee Flavour
Yes, AvailableAvailability StatusYes, Available
Flat White vs Cappuccino

Flat White vs Latte

Flat WhiteCharacteristicsLatte
Coffee, MilkIngredientsSemi-Skimmed Milk, Coffee
86 Kcal or 362 KJEnergy145 Kcal or 610 KJ
More Coffee flavour with less milky sweetnessTasteSmooth with mild body roast
Yes, AvailableAvailability StatusYes, Available
Flat White vs Latte

McDonalds Flat White Recipe

The recipe for this hot drink is simple. You need Arabic Beans, an espresso machine, and organic milk to make it.

How to make a Flat White?

  • First of all, grind the Arabic beans properly and add the powder to the basket of a portafilter.
  • Now, you should insert this portafilter into your espresso machine. Then, allow hot water to mix with this powder and put the cup under the tap.
  • Fill your cup with this espresso for 30 seconds.
  • The next step is preparing your organic milk. Take milk in a jug and enter the steam wand into this jug to prepare the milk.
  • Now, pour the milk into the espresso cup and your homemade Flat white is ready.

McDonalds Flat White Review

The flat white hot drink from McCafe is a pure delight for coffee lovers. The aroma of this drink just arouses the craving and a habit to drink every morning. A refreshing coffee to kickstart your day and presented in a delicate manner from McDonald’s. Each sip will fill your mouth with a creamy combination of organic milk and 100% Arabic beans.

For more info about allergen or calories count of Flat white visit McDonald’s.


The calorie count of Flat White is 86 Kcal or 362 KJ and this is nearly 4% of Daily Reference Intake.

The main difference is the strong coffee flavour that flat white has a s compared to a latte. Besides this, the foamy layer of milk on the latte is thick while the Flat White Drink has a thin layer.

A flat white is prepared with a double espresso shot and a more creamy milk texture while a cappuccino is prepared with a single espresso shot and is less creamy.

This is a hot drink from McDonald’s Menu prepared with a double shot of espresso and organic milk. This McCafe item has a strong coffee flavour to the milk.

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