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Mayo Chicken Burger

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Another chicken burger from McDonald’s UK menu is Mayo Chicken, consisting of a simple and tasty soft bun and a crispy chicken patty layered with shredded iceberg lettuce pieces dipped in cool mayo sauce. So, how can someone resist this burger with a delicious flavour combination of all the ingredients?

This crispy burger contains a significant amount of energy and is an excellent option to try for satisfying your late-night cravings and hunger. Available at all branches of McDonald’s across the UK.

Chicken Mayo Burger Price: £1.69

Mayo Chicken Ingredients

Chicken Patty
Chicken Patty
477 kJ | 114 kcal
603 kJ | 142 kcal
Cool Mayo
 Cool Mayo
115 kJ | 28 kcal
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
(13 KJ | 3Kcal)

Nutritional Report of Chicken Mayo Burger

 Energy        1200 KJ (14%RI)    285 KCal (14%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)13% RI 9.1g
Of which saturated (g)6% RI 1.1g
Carbohydrates (g)14% RI 38g
Of which Sugar (g)5% RI 4.4g
Protein (g)24% RI 12g
Fibre (g)Nil2.6g
Salt (g)17% RI 1.0g
Nutritional Report of Chicken Mayo Burger

Mayo Chicken Recipe

Chicken Mayo Burger is a common menu item at McDonald’s locations worldwide and represents the core values of the fast food chain. It is little bit different to Bacon Mayo chicken. If you find yourself in a United Kingdom location without access to this popular burger, there is no point in worrying. Below are some steps regarding the preparation of this burger.

How do you make Chicken Mayo Burger?

  • The first step is to gather the essential components that make crispy chicken patties. Start by grinding the chicken meat and mixing different condiments, such as spices and herbs, as per your preference.
  • Take a chicken patty and shape it into a circular form before placing it in a fridge or another cool location.
  • Next, with the help of a knife, shred the fresh iceberg lettuce leaves in a separate bowl. 
  • Now, you should place a frying pan on the stove and add 35 ml of cooking oil to it. 
  • Heat the frying pan and cook the chicken patty on all sides until it is cooked through.
  • Next is the turn of the bun, remove it from the packet and warm it on the griddle on a lighter heat. 
  • Now, position the ingredients evenly into the bun. Start by placing the crispy piece of chicken on the bottom half of the bun. 
  • Next, spread the freshly chopped lettuce pieces on the crispy chicken patty and on top apply the cool mayo. 
  • Finally, place the top half of the bun on the racked-up ingredients, and your favourite Chicken Mayo Burger Burger is all set to serve.

Our Chicken Mayo Burger Review

The Chicken Mayo Burger Burger from McDonald’s Burgers menu is a tasty treat that I recently had the opportunity to try. One thing is clear: this burger does not disappoint in terms of its taste and healthy ingredients. The burger consists of a succulent chicken patty coated in crispy breadcrumbs. Further, this patty is topped with cool mayo and shredded lettuce pieces, all stacked between two soft sesame seed buns.

Another important factor that impressed me was how perfectly balanced the flavours were. The crunchy chicken patty with the rich mayo created a soft combination that was flavoursome and mouthwatering. The crispy layer on the chicken patty added an extra factor of satisfaction to every bite.

Moreover, its size was compact and it was easy to hold and eat without making a mess. Therefore, these qualities make this burger a convenient option for when you are on the go or just craving some delicious fast food.


This burger carries nearly 14% of the total energy intake of a person in a day. It contains 285 Kcal which is almost equal to 1200 KJ of energy. 

Cool Mayo is the sausage this fast-food chain uses in preparing the Chicken Mayo McDonald’s burger.

Mayo Chicken McDonalds burger usually costs around £ . However, this burger is not available as a meal option. 

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