Sprite Zero Calories, Ingredients and Price At McDonald’s

Sprite Zero Calories

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Like all other cold drinks, Sprite cold drink is also available with almost zero calorie and sugar content on McDonald’s menu. So, enjoy Sprite Zero with your different meal options without worrying about any health-relevant factors. This drink is also available in three portion sizes: small, medium, and large at McDonald’s Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu.

Small Zero-Calorie Sprite Price: £1.49
Medium Zero-Calorie Sprite Price: £1.99
Large Zero-Calorie Sprite Price: £2.39

McDonald’s Zero-Calorie Sprite Ingredients

  • Acidity Regulators
  • Citric Acid
  • Carbonated Water
  • Flavourings
  • Preservatives
  • Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K)

McDonald’s Sprite Zero Nutrition Facts

Nutritional InformationSmall Zero-Calorie SpriteMedium Zero-Calorie Sprite Large Zero-Calorie Sprite
Per Portion%RIPer Portion%RIPer Portion%RI
Fats (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Of which saturated (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Carbohydrates (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Of which Sugar (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Protein (g)0.1g0%0.1g0%0.1g0%
Fibre (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Salt (g)0.03g1%0.05g1%0.07g1%
McDonald’s ZeroCalorie Sprite Nutrition Facts


As mentioned in the product’s nutritional and allergen descriptions, its name suggests that Diet Sprite or Zero-Calorie Sprite contains no component of sugar at all.

Small Zero-Calorie Sprite calories: 3 Kcal or 13 KJ (0% RI)

Medium Zero-Calorie Sprite calories: 4 Kcal or 20 KJ (0% RI)

Large Zero-Calorie Sprite calories: 5 Kcal or 25 KJ (0% RI)

Zero-Calorie Sprite carbs: 0g (0% RI)

Yes, Zero Sprite or Diet Sprite is available at all the branches of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom. So, anyone can avail of this fizzy drink in three different serving sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large just like Diet Coke or coca-cola zero sugar.

Zero-Calorie Sprite caffeine content is zero. Although this drink also contains flavouring, unlike Coca-Cola, this Sprite does not contain any caffeine elements.

From a general public point of view, Zero Sprite does not contain any harmful effects on health. This is because of no sugar or caffeine in its ingredients. However, the sweetener Aspartame can be problematic for people who suffer from PKU disease. 

One can easily avail of Zero-Calorie Sprite cold drinks in different sizes from McDonald’s branches all over the United Kingdom. For this purpose, one can visit the McDonald’s website or application to locate the nearby branch of this fast food chain.

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