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Currently, BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese Is not Available!

BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Price: £5.49
Medium Meal Price: £7.29
Large Meal Price: £

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The last limited-time offer from McDonlad’s UK menu is the BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese Burger. This burger is exactly similar to the Double BBQ Quarter burger in terms of ingredients, but the only difference is that this burger has only one beef patty. Amazingly delicious burger, with the beef patty settling in nicely while the pickle slices and smoky BBQ sauce provide a spicy flavour for this burger.

You should not miss out on this incredible opportunity to try this burger because it is available only for a limited time. However, keep in mind that the burger contains allergens like cheese and buns that are not suitable for certain types of people.

If you wish to enjoy this BBQ Quarter Pounder Burger from McDonald’s Burgers menu UK, it is available as a combo meal that includes a regular cold drink and small french fries. But if you want to have a medium or large meal, you can upgrade to large fries and any half-litre cold drink from the McD Menu. The prices of these deals will definitely change depending on the size of the meal you choose to eat.

BBQ Quarter Pounder with cheese Ingredients

Quarter Beef Patty
Quarter Beef Patty
1,932 kJ | 464 kcal
Sesame Bun
Sesame Bun
670 kJ | 158 kcal
(12KJ | 3Kcal)
Cheese Slice
Cheese Slice
389 kJ | 94 kcal
Smoky BBQ Sauce
 Smoky BBQ Sauce
93 kJ | 22 kcal
Pickle Slices
Pickle Slices
2 kJ | 0 kcal

Nutritional Report of BBQ Quarter Pounder With Cheddar Cheese

Energy: 2131 KJ (25%RI)    509 KCal (25%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)36% RI 26g
Of which saturated (g)60% RI 12g
Carbohydrates (g)14% RI 38g
Of which Sugar (g)12% RI 11g
Protein (g)63% RI 31g
Fibre (g)Nil2.4
Salt (g)42% RI 2.5
Nutritional Report of BBQ Quarter Pounder having Cheese

BBQ Quarter Pounder With Cheese Recipe

There is nothing to worry about if you cannot try out this burger from McDonald’s branches in the UK. You must try out the McDonald’s BBQ Quarter Pounder having Cheese recipe for preparing this burger at home. Here is how one can make this burger by following the steps we are going to discuss now.

How to prepare it?

  • To begin, make sure you start off with the key ingredient which is the Beef patty. The beef will first need to be ground, and you should add a combination of spices, salt, and other elements to create a flavourful and craving patty. Always keep in mind your personal preferences while adding seasonings.
  • Now, after making this patty, store it in a cool place and cut some fresh white onions into smaller pieces. 
  • Open the packet of sesame seed buns and take them out. Now, you should heat it on a flat pan. A small quantity of oil can be used to give the buns a glistening taste.
  • On the other stove, you should fry the patties in cooking oil. 
  • After completing the previous step, proceed to fill the buns with the prepared ingredients.
  • Begin by placing a slice of cheddar cheese on the bottom half of the bun. Next place the beef patty on this slice and topping it with a slice of another cheddar cheese slice.
  • After racking up this cheese slice on the patty, place a desired amount of smoky BBQ sauce on the cheese layer that is on top. Adjust the amount of sauce as necessary.
  • Next, put the pickle slices on this sauce layer and spread the pieces of white onion on this pickle slice. 
  • Put the second bun on top of the patty to complete the formation of your new and delicious McDonald’s BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheddar Cheese Burger.

Our BBQ Quarter Pounder having Cheese Review

Our honest review of this BBQ Quarter Pounder McDonalds UK cheeseburger in one word is “Amazing.” As we did before, we ordered this limited-time offer from McDonald’s Menu. As we received our packet, we unpacked it and take out this burger. 

Considering the size, definitely, this burger is smaller than the Double BBQ Quarter because of only one beef patty. But still, it got enough ingredients. Taking a bite, you will notice everything right about this burger. With highly nutritional ingredients, the burger provides a savoury and spicy taste. The cheddar cheese gives this burger a more scrumptious flavour and you will enjoy each bite of McDonalds BBQ Quarter Pounder UK Burger from McD Menu.

For detailed information about Allergens of BBQ Quarter Pounder having Cheese, you can visit McDonalds


The BBQ beef patty burger from this McDonald’s menu has nutritionally rich ingredients and significant caloric content. So, this BBQ Quarter Pounder with cheddar cheese contains approximately 2131 KJ or 509 Kcal, which is equal to about 25% of an average adult’s daily nutrition requirements.

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