Crispy Chicken Salad Meal McDonald’s Prices And Calories

Crispy Chicken Salad Meal

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McDonald’s offers a flavorful combination of Crispy chicken patty with a number of vegetables and a bottle of Nestle PureLife all stacked up in a Crispy Chicken Salad Meal. This meal portion is available on all McDonald’s branches in the United Kingdom.

The Crispy Chicken patty provides a crunchy and crackling taste with vegetables like onion rings, cucumber, tomato slices and lettuce offering low-calorie healthy nutrients that make the salad a healthy choice.

The Chicken Salad Crispy Meal price: £4.79

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Salad Meal  ingredients

  • McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Salad
  • Nestle PureLife Water Bottle


  • Wheat

Wheat is the only allergen present in this salad meal as it is used in the preparation of McCrispy chicken patty. Therefore, a wheat-allergic person must consult the allergen details of any item on the menu before eating.

The Chicken Salad Meal Crispy Nutritional Report

Energy        1148 KJ (14%RI)    274 KCal (14%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)16% RI 11.0g
Of which saturated (g)7% RI 1.4g
Carbohydrates (g)8% RI 21.0g
Of which Sugar (g)4% RI 3.3g
Protein (g)42% RI21.0g
Fibre (g)Nil3.8g
Salt (g)18% RI 1.10g
The Chicken Salad Meal Crispy Nutritional Report

The Crispy Chicken Salad Meal Recipe

As discussed earlier, this meal portion is available in all branches of this fast food chain in the UK. However, if anyone does not have access to the McDonald’s restaurant or has no plan to go there either, can prepare this meal at home. Here we will discuss the recipe, ingredients details, and the preparation method of this Crispy Chicken Salad in a meal portion. There are some basic ingredients required for this meal and are discussed below;

Ingredients for Crispy Chicken Salad:

To prepare the Crispy Chicken salad, the following ingredients are required.

  • McCrispy Chicken Patty
  • Tomato Slices
  • Red Onion Rings
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber Slices

Chicken Salad Crispy Meal Prep:

  • The meal actually consists of only two McDonald’s items which are Crispy Chicken Salad and Nestle PureLife Water Bottle.
  • The key item in this meal is crispy chicken salad and the recipe details & complete method of its preparation are discussed here.
  • Following the recipe and preparation method, you will be able to prepare a delicious crispy chicken salad at home and now add a water bottle of Nestle PureLife to make it a complete meal for serving. 


This Crispy-Chicken Salad Meal from McDonald’s UK menu has an energy count of 274 Kcal and 1148 Kilojoules. Considering the daily reference intake of a person which is 2000 Kcal, this meal alone provides 14% of the RI.

This chicken Salad meal is Crispy flavoured and will cost around £4.79.

If you analyse the ingredients details of this salad meal, mostly the meal consists of vegetables like onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce which are the prime healthy for the human body. However, the Crispy Chicken patty has some extra amount of salt and fats that can be problematic for certain people.

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