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Bacon Mayo Chicken

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Try the Bacon Mayo Chicken Burger, in which Chicken Patty and Streaky Bacon are combined to give a mixed meat taste, with cool mayo and lettuce pieces adding that creamy flavour to this burger, all toasted in a bun.

A normal-size bacon burger with amazing taste and must-try items from McDonald’s Burgers menu. Bacon food lovers would definitely love this amazing time considering its taste.

Bacon Mayo Chicken Price: £2.29

Bacon Mayo Chicken Ingredients

Chicken Patty
Chicken Patty
477 kJ | 114 kcal
603 kJ | 142 kcal
Streaky Bacon
Streaky Bacon
193 kJ | 46 kcal
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
(13 KJ | 3Kcal)
Cool Mayo
 Cool Mayo
115 kJ | 28 kcal

Nutritional Report of Bacon Mayo Chicken

Energy        1393 KJ (17%RI)    332 KCal (17%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)17% RI 12g
Of which saturated (g)11% RI 2.2g
Carbohydrates (g)15% RI 38g
Of which Sugar (g)5% RI 4.6g
Protein (g)34% RI 17g
Fibre (g)Nil2.6g
Salt (g)23% RI 1.4g
Nutritional Report of Chicken Bacon Mayo

Bacon Mayo Chicken Recipe

So, here we will be discussing the chicken bacon mayo recipe for those who cannot access this burger from McDonald’s in the UK. In addition, it is important to cover the proper measurements for each ingredient and the step-by-step process required to make the most of McDonald’s Burgers menu. So, the following is the preparation method and the Chicken and Bacon Mayo recipe.

How to prepare it?

  • First of all, take 100 grams of chicken meat and grind it into fine pieces. Then, you should mix the necessary condiments, spices, peppers, and seasonings into this finely ground chicken to add an amazing flavour to it.
  • Next, you should add 30 ml or 35 ml of cooking oil to the frying pan for this chicken patty. Heat the oil and put the patty in it.
  • Now, fry the patty properly and add the crispy elements after frying it. Besides this, you should add some seasonings to the streaky bacon piece.
  •  Once your essential ingredients are ready, you should place the ingredients between the toasted pieces of the bun. 
  • Put the crispy chicken patty on the bottom half of the bun and on top of it lay the streaky bacon piece in a twisted way to adjust the bun. 
  • Now, add the splinter pieces of lettuce on it, adding a layer of cool mayo on top of all these stacked ingredients. 
  • In the end, put the second half of the toasted bun on these ingredients and finalise your product to serve with ketchup dip.

Our Chicken Bacon Mayo Review

In our recent food item review, we tried the Bacon Chicken Mayo burger from the McDonald’s UK menu. So, we ordered this burger and received the delivery after 30 minutes. Soon, I opened the packet and took out this burger, placing it on a plate in my kitchen. You can clearly smell the amazing aroma of crispy and crunchy chicken patties as soon as you open the packet.

Next, I took a delicate bite of this burger and a combo of crunchy chicken patty and streaky bacon providing an excellent savoury. On top of that cool mayo and lettuce give a creamy and yummy flavour to this burger.

Overall, a delightful and amazing experience of eating this burger that also provides an essential energy component to the body with its rich protein and nutrition ingredients. Compared with other burgers, this burger has a similar size and is clearly worth the price.


Chicken Bacon Mayo Burger contains a significant amount of energy, which is 332 kcal or 1393 kJ. The major portion of this energy is due to the protein content of chicken and streaky bacon. However, the bun also contains a good amount of energy. This burger alone carries almost 17% of the total energy consumption of an average adult person.

This burger can cost you around £1.79 from any McDonald’s branch across the United Kingdom. 

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