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Smarties McFlurry McDonald’s Price & Calories

Smarties McFlurry

Smarties McFlurry is a Special Dessert in McDonald’s Menu

Smarties McFlurry is a popular ice cream available on McDonald’s menu equally good for children and adults. Consisting of rich creamy vanilla ice cream topped with Smarties mini chocolate beans providing a chocolate flavour and necessary crunch to the McFlurry. Available in two different sizes with a slight change in their prices.

Smarties McFlurry price UK Regular: £1.89
Smarties McFlurry price Mini: £1.49

Smarties McFlurry Nutrition Report

Energy = Regular (273Kcal) Mini (137Kcal)
Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)7% RI14% RI 5.0g10g
Of which saturated (g)17% RI33% RI 3.3g6.7g
Carbohydrates (g)8% RI15% RI 20g40g
Of which Sugar (g)20% RI41% RI 18g37g
Protein (g)5% RI10% RI 2.6g5.2g
Fibre (g)NilNil0.7g1.5g
Salt (g)2% RI3% RI 0.09g0.19g
Smarties McFlurry Nutrition Report

Smarties Vs Oreo McFlurry

Smarties McFlurry (R)FactorsOreo McFlurry (R)
273 Kcal or 1148 KJEnergy258 Kcal or 1086 KJ
Yummy with delightful addition of Smarties Chocolate BeanTasteRich creamy with Oreo cookie pieces adding an amazing touch
Smarties Vs Oreo McFlurry

McDonald’s Smarties McFlurry Recipe

  • First of all, Collect the ingredients like Cool Whip, Smarties Beans, Canned Milk, and Vanilla ice cream.
  • Add the vanilla ice cream and milk to a jar and blend it with a hand mixer. This is done to make the ice cream thin like a fluid for easy servings. 
  • Now, keep adding the cool whip in a small amount at regular intervals. This whip actually provides a more creamy and fluffy texture to this McFlurry. Now, blend it properly to make everything smooth. 
  • Moving ahead, you should mix some Smarties Chocolate beans into this smooth mixture and blend the mixture.
  • At last, take out all this mixture in a cup and freeze it down to get a solid texture. Put some Smarties beans to add a pleasant visual look to this McFlurry.

McDonald’s Smarties McFlurry Review

Like other McFlurries, Smarties are also presented in a beautiful manner with ice cream in a cup and a topping of Smarties mini on it. This is a pure delight for an ice cream lover or a Frigophill. Taking a spoonful of this ice cream makes your taste buds dance with joy and delight. 

The rich creamy ice cream with a wonderful combination of Smarties mini pieces makes it a wonderful dessert dish to try. Overall, an excellent addition to McDonald’s menu dessert section that provides equal delight and taste.


The calorie count of Smarties McFlurry is given below;

Small Smarties McFlurry calories/Mini Smarties McFlurry calories/ Smarties Mini McFlurry calories = 137 Kcal or 574 KJ ( Almost 6% of daily reference intake which is 2000 Kcal)

Smarties McFlurry calories Medium/Regular= 273 Kcal or 1148 KJ ( Almost 14% of daily reference intake which is 2000 Kcal)

No, McFlurries of 5 different flavours are served including Smarties McFlurries on McDonald’s UK menu.

Smarties McFlurry McDonalds price differ according to its size. Actually, this McFlurry is available in Regular and Mini sizes. 

Smarties McFlurry Regular Price: £1.89

Smarties McFlurry Mini Price: £1.49

You can purchase this Smarties McFlurry Flavours from any branch of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom. 

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