Black Coffee Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Black Coffee Nutrition, Recipe

Black-Coffee price Regular: £1.99
Black-Coffee Price: Large: £2.49

The McCafe Black coffee is prepared with pure Arabic beans and fresh, warm water jumbled together, making up a great combination that gives a refreshing and energetic start to your day. Also, Its quite different from White coffee.

Energy: 6Kcal (Regular) 8Kcal (Large)

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Nutritional Report

Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)0% RI0% RI0.0g0.0g
Of which saturated (g)0% RI0% RI0.0g0.0g
Carbohydrates (g)0% RI0% RI0.8g1.1g
Of which Sugar (g)0% RI0% RI0.0g0.0g
Protein (g)1% RI2% RI0.6g0.8g
Fibre (g)NilNil0.0g0.0g
Salt (g)0% RI0% RI0.01g0.01g
McDonald’s Black-Coffee Nutrition Report

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