Chicken McNuggets (4 pieces) Meal

Chicken McNuggets (4 pieces) Meal

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McDonald’s fast food chain is quite known for its Happy Meal menu across its branches in the United Kingdom. Currently, it is serving a Chicken McNuggets (4 Pieces) Meal, which includes 4 crispy and crunch-coated chicken pieces, an organic milk bottle, a bag of carrot slices, and a ketchup or chilli sauce to add extra flavour to this meal.

This Happy Meal option is pure bliss for chicken lovers who love to bite delicious and crackling chicken dipped in ketchup. For additional nutrition and flavour, slices of fresh carrots and organic milk are there. This Meal is available on McDonald’s Happy Meal Menu of nearly all branches in the United Kingdom.

McDonald’s 4 chicken McNuggets meal price: £4.09

Chicken McNuggets-4 pieces Meal McDonald’s Ingredients

  • Carrot Bag
  • McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets (4 Pieces)
  • Organic Milk


  • Celery
  • Milk
  • Wheat

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets (4 pieces) Meal Nutritional Report

 Energy        1393 KJ (17%RI)    333 KCal (17%RI)  
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)18% RI 13.4g
Of which saturated (g)19% RI 3.9g
Carbohydrates (g)12% RI 32.2g
Of which Sugar (g)19% RI 18.2g
Protein (g)39% RI19.5g
Fibre (g)Nil3.3g
Salt (g)12% RI 0.74g
McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets-4 pieces Meal Nutritional Report

Chicken McNuggets-4 pieces Meal Recipe

The chicken McNuggets are something that McDonald’s really boasts of and this is because of their amazing recipe that delivers a quality and satisfying taste. However, if you are unable to taste these McNuggets from this fast food chain in the UK, you can prepare them in your own kitchen by gathering certain ingredients and following the recipe method step by step.

How to prepare this meal?

  • First of all, the major item of this Happy Meal is 4 pieces of chicken McNuggets. The process and recipe for preparing chicken McNuggets are already explained briefly here.
  • Once you are done with preparing your 4 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, take 2 carrots and wash them properly.
  • With the help of a knife, chop down these carrots horizontally.
  • Now, take a glass of organic milk, and you may add sugar in case you do not prefer drinking sugarless milk.
  • Finally, add your favourite ketchup or sauce to the meal items combination. 
  • That is it, everything about the Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal is ready to serve or savour by yourself.


The McDonald’s 4 chicken McNuggets calories in the Happy Meal section are 333 Kcal or 1393 KJ. So, this Happy Meal can provide the consumer with 17% of the daily reference intake of a person.

This happy meal carrying 4 pieces of chicken McNuggets contains 19.5 grams of protein. This amount of protein is nearly 40% of the daily protein intake of an adult and healthy person.

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