Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Regular Strawberry Lemonade Price: £3.19
Large Strawberry Lemonade Price: £3.59

Refresh yourself by drinking frozen strawberry lemonade with lemon juice, pieces of lemon pulp, sugar, and strawberry syrup.

This cool and chilled drink provides a sweet and sour taste to your taste buds, with lemon and strawberry flavors. Available in regular and large sizes at McDonald’s McCafe.

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  • Lemonade base 
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Ice

Nutritional Report

Nutrients Percentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Regular Large Regular Large 
Energy (KJ)10% RI13%854 kJ1085 kJ
Energy (KCal)10% RI13%201 KCal255 KCal
Fats (g)1% RI1%0.5g0.6g
Of which saturated (g)1% RI2%0.3g0.3g
Carbohydrates (g)19% RI24%49g62g
Of which Sugar (g)35% RI45%32g40g
Protein (g)1% RI1%0.3g0.4g
Fibre (g)Nill Nill 0.0g0.0g
Salt (g)0% RI0%0.02g0.02g
Nutritional Report

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