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The McDonald's chicken combo

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Enjoy the delicious The McDonald’s chicken combo containing Chicken Selects and Chicken McNuggets with Selects dips and Standard dips. The Chicken Selects give a necessary crunch and Chicken McNuggets provide the best combo of savoury and spice. While the Selects dips with the Standard dips make it more spicy and yummy. It is the perfect combination of Chicken Selects, McNuggets, Selects dips, and Standard dips

The Big & Cheesy Price: £6.69

Note: The price may be different in different locations. The price depends on your  McDonald’s branch location.

The McDonald’s Chicken Combo Ingredients

  • 10 Chicken Selects
  • 20 Chicken McNuggets
  • 4 Selects dips
  • 4 Standard dips 


Wheat, Celery, 

Nutritional Report

Energy     8647 KJ (103%RI)      2067KCal (103%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Energy (KJ)8647 KJ103% RI
Energy (KCal)2067KCal103% RI
Fat (g)109g155% RI
Carbohydrates (g)136g52% RI
Fibre (g)5.2gNil
Of which saturated (g)12g61% RI
Of which sugars (g)2.9g3% RI
Protein (g)133g267% RI
Salt (g)8.0g133% RI
Nutritional Report

The McDonald’s Chicken Combo UK Recipes

Chicken Selects Recipe:

On Chicken Select recipe. I also write a separate blog, you can read it to know the details about it. 

Chicken McNuggets Recipe:

You can read it to know the recipe for Chicken McNuggets.

Our Review

McDonald’s recently launched this crunchy and delicious The McDonald’s chicken combo. Recently, I tried this and I will share my personal experience with all of you.

First of all, In the packet, there are 2 big boxes and 8 small dips boxes. One box for Chicken Selects and a second box for Chicken McNuggets plus 4 Selects dips boxes and 4 Standard dips boxes. Its smell was amazing. They’re so delicious and spicy. The Chicken Selects are very crispy and yummy. However, The Chicken McNuggets was actually one of my favorites, I was really impressed by the flavor. It was super juicy with a solid spice level. The selects and standard dips make it more tasty. I loved it.

If you are residing in the UK. you should try The McDonald’s chicken combo.


The combo contains highly nutritious ingredients. The McDonald’s chicken combo calories are 8647 KJ or 2067 KCal.

The McDonald’s chicken combo contains a list of delicious ingredients that include Chicken Selects, Chicken McNuggets plus 4 Selects dips and 4 Standard dips.

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