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Fries Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

McDonald's Fries - Calories, Nutrition & Recipe

Small Fries price: £1.59
medium fries price: £1.99
large fries price UK: £2.59

McDonald’s Fries are quite popular in the United Kingdom because their taste and presentation set them apart from all other fast food chains. These fries are crunchy salty from the outside and really soft and appetizing on the inside. McDonald’s serves it with tomato ketchup to make it taste more delicious, salty, and craving. Furthermore, these fries are available in three different sizes ranging as small, Medium, and Large Fries. 

Small Fries Energy  237KCal  
Medium Fries Energy  337KCal  
Medium Fries Energy  337KCal

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Nutritional Report

Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)17% RI24% RI 31% RI12g17g22g
Of which saturated (g)5% RI7% RI 10% RI1.1g1.5g2.0g
Carbohydrates (g)11% RI16% RI 21% RI29g42g55g
Of which Sugar (g)0% RI1% RI 1% RI0.4g0.6g0.8g
Protein (g)5% RI7% RI 9% RI2.3g3.3g4.4g
Fibre (g)NilNilNil2.6g3.6g4.8g
Salt (g)7% RI10% RI 14% RI0.44g0.62g0.82g
McDonald’s Fries Nutrition

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