The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled – Wrap of the Day

The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled (Limited time Offer) Available in Latest McDonald’s Menu

The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled

The caesar and chicken wrap are also available in Crispy flavor. For other items Visit the complete McDonald’s Menu

An economical yet appetizing and tasty limited-time offer on McDonald’s menu is the Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled. This wrap is a delicious item that you can enjoy any day from McDonald’s branches here in the UK. The freshly prepared grilled chicken is combined with a smoky beech wood bacon piece with layers of McDonald’s Caesar sauce and vegetables like lettuce leaves and crispy onions, all enclosed in a hot wheat tortilla.

This wrap is further available in the meal section, paired with McDonald’s fries and cold drinks. However, the size of the fries packet determines the price of this meal.

Single Wrap Price: £5.19
Medium Meal Price: £6.89
Large Meal Price: £7.69

The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Crispy Wrap Ingredients

Chicken Select
Chicken Select
1,002 kJ | 240 kcal
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
(13 KJ | 3Kcal)
Crispy Onions
Crispy Onions
176 kJ | 42 kcal
Caesar Style Sauce
Caesar Style Sauce
224 kJ | 54 kcal
Large Tortilla Wrap
Large Tortilla Wrap
719 kJ | 170 kcal
Streaky Bacon
Streaky Bacon
97 kJ | 23 kcal

McDonalds Caesar Grilled Wrap Of The Day Nutrition Report

 Energy  1694 KJ (20%RI)  403 KCal (20%RI) 
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)19% RI 13
Of which saturated (g)15% RI 3.0
Carbohydrates (g)14% RI 38
Of which Sugar (g)3% RI 2.9
Protein (g)64% RI32
Fibre (g)Nil3.6
Salt (g)31% RI 1.9
McDonalds Caesar Wrap Of The Day Nutrition Report

The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled Recipe

  • First of all, start by prpeparing a chicken breast piece over the grills. After marinating a chicken piece, place on a grill rack over a high temperature and keep shifting the sides of the chicken for proper cooking.
  • Cook 2 pieces of beechwood bacon on the same grill rack with chicken.
  • As the chicken cooks, take the time to cut up some fresh red onions. Cut approximately 4 to 8 rings of the onion.
  • Afterwards, grab a few crisp lettuce leaves and slice them into smaller pieces with a knife.
  • Put the chopped onion and shredded lettuce aside, and proceed to warm a tortilla on low heat.
  • Once complete, take the tortilla and spread garlic mayonnaise on it in a twisting, zig-zag manner.
  • Now, you need to stack the ingredients in the tortilla wrap and first of all add lettuce leaves and crispy onions to the garlic mayo layer.
  • Remove the grilled chicken breast from the grill rack and put it on the shredded lettuce and onion rings. 
  • Place the freshly cooked Beechwood Bacon pieces to this grilled chicken breast piece.
  • Finally, wrap up these ingredients in the hot tortilla and it is ready to serve or savour.
  • It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to prepare the Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled Wrap.

The Caesar and Bacon Chicken One Grilled Review

So, the Chicken Caesar & Bacon Wrap McDonalds is available as a limited-time offer. This fast food chain really presents the Caesar warp in amazing packaging. The texture of this wrap is very soft considering the fact the wrap is hot. The Chicken and Bacon inside mixed with sauce, onions, and lettuce is really inviting and tickles your taste buds. 

Taking a bite, you will observe a delightful combination of smoked bacon and grilled chicken satisfying the hunger of your taste buds. Furthermore, the McDonald’s Caesar sauce adds an extra flavour to this delicious Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Grilled menu item. Overall, a nice product is available as a limited-time offer that you must check out to taste something unique.

To know about the wrap schedule and availability, check McDonald’s Wrap of the day.

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