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Muffin with Jam

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For people who love to have a tender and sweet breakfast, a muffin with jam from the McD menu can be a good choice for them. The freshly prepared and toasted English Muffin with strawberry jam as topping provides the consumer with a healthy and nutritious meal for breakfast with an amazing taste. Besides this, the Muffin and Strawberry jam combination also provides a significant amount of energy to start the day with positive vibes.

McDonald’s McMuffin with Jam Price: £2.49

Muffin with Jam Ingredients

  • English Muffin
  • Liquid Vegetable and Dairy fat Blend
  • Strawberry Jam

McDonald’s McMuffin with Strawberry Jam Nutrition

   Energy       903 KJ (11%RI)     214 KCal (11%RI)          
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)8% RI 5.6g
Of which saturated (g)7% RI 1.4g
Carbohydrates (g)13% RI 35g
Of which Sugar (g)13% RI 11g
Protein (g)11% RI 5.5g
Fibre (g)Nill1.9g
Salt (g)7% RI 0.44g
McDonald’s McMuffin with Jam Nutrition

McDonald’s Muffin with Strawberry Jam Recipe

This Muffin & Jam is a two-macro ingredient item from McDonald’s menu and is quite simple to prepare at home in case you cannot savour it in the United Kingdom. You should have the basic ingredients that are normally found in every kitchen. They include half a cup of sugar, 2 cups of flour, two eggs, strawberry jam, baking powder (2 teaspoons), one quarter teaspoon of salt, milk (1 cup), and vegetable oil (⅓ cup). Then, follow the preparation method given below.

How to make a healthy Muffin with Jam?

  • Start with the preparation process of muffins. So, you have to collect the basic ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in a bowl.
  • Mix these ingredients properly to make a smooth dry mixture.
  • Now, add the remaining ingredients, like eggs, vegetable oil, and milk, and blend them nicely to make a dense, smooth material.
  • Now, you should add this dense liquid mixture to the other bowl having the dry ingredients mixture. Now, let them mix with each other and do not overmix them.
  • The next step is taking a small amount of this new mixture and shaping it into a flat patty-like structure. Make such structures with all the mixture you made.
  • Preheat the oven to the recommended temperature and start lacing the patties for baking purposes.
  • Once they are baked and toasted, take them out and add a spoonful of strawberry jam to apply to each single muffin.
  • This is how to prepare a homemade muffin with strawberry jam breakfast item that has an identical taste to McDonald’s.

Muffin with Jam McDonalds Review

This review is about the sweet and a bit chewy item from McDonald’s breakfast UK menu. So, I just ordered this item and received it within 10 minutes. So, I unwrapped this muffin and noticed two English muffins layered with strawberry jam on their top sides.

I also observed the scent of fresh muffins, which actually felt very delightful. Furthermore, the jam had its own aroma overall, giving a normal-sized muffin with red strawberry jam an inviting appearance.

Upon tasting this muffin with strawberry jam item, your mouth will be filled with the mild sweetness of the muffin and jam. I liked the satisfying taste of this amazing jam and muffin combination. The jam adds a creamy and jelly flavour on top of a crispy layer of toasted muffins.

Therefore, your taste buds will feel each segment of this sweet item. However, you should add some hot drinks like coffee or tea to make this item more refreshing and give you a complete breakfast experience. This item is not available in the meal section of the menu; however, you can get other food items separately.


English muffin with strawberry jam calories are 214 kcal, or 903 kJ of energy. This contributes to 11% of the total energy a person takes in his daily life.

There are some muffins in which jam is applied to their top surface as you savoured from McDonald’s UK menu. However, you can fill the muffin with strawberry jam. From the recipe we discussed earlier in this blog, you need to place a small amount of mixture and add some jam on it, and then place some mixture again on top to sandwich the jam between them. Now, bake this item. You will have a muffin filled with jam.

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