The Big & Cheesy with Bacon Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Currently, The Big & Cheesy with Bacon Is not Available!

The Big & Cheesy with Bacon

The Big & Cheesy with Bacon Price: £7.49

Enjoy the delicious The Big & Cheesy with Bacon burger, the perfect combination of 100% Pure Beef Patty, slices of cheese, Crispy onion, Beechwood Smoked Bacon, Rings of Fresh Red Onion, Lettuce, Cheese Sauce, and freshly toasted Snowflake Bun. A burger that captivates us with a wave of taste and aroma from the first touch. The Beef patty provides a necessary crunch and Beechwood Smoked Bacon and Snowflake Bun makes this burger more tasty. This burger offer is available Limited-time on McDonald’s menu in all nearby Branches in the UK.

Energy 3399KJ  813KCal

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Nutritional Report

Beef Patty

100% Pure Beef

Snowflake Bun

Beechwood Smoked Bacon

Cheddar Cheese Slice

Cheddar Cheese Sauce 

Crispy Onions

Onion(70%), Vegetable Oils(Palm, Rapeseed), Wheat Flour, Salt.

Red Onion Rings

100% Fresh Onions


100% Lettuce


Milk, Wheat, Rye, Barley

Nutritional Report

Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Energy (KJ)3399KJ41% RI
Energy (KCal)813KCal41% RI
Fat (g)43g61% RI
Carbohydrates (g)54g21% RI
Fibre (g)5.3gNil
Of which saturated (g)20g99% RI
Of which sugars (g)10g12% RI
Protein (g)51g101% RI
Salt (g)4.1g68% RI
Nutritional Report

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