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McCrispy Available in Latest McDonald’s Menu as Hot Selling Item

Price: £6.09
Medium Meal Price: £7.89
Large Meal Price: £8.69

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Get your hands on the luscious item from McDonald’s menu, the McCrispy Burger made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Chicken meat patty with black pepper mayo makes a mouth-watering combo and the hot sourdough style from the top bun makes it more appealing and inviting. It is Quite similar to McCrispy Deluxe

When you order the Mc Crispy Meal, expect to receive crispy fries and a cold beverage of your choice from the McDonald’s menu. Both medium and large sizes are available for this offer, and while the burger remains standard, the portion sizes of the fries and drinks do differ, and according to them, prices also differ.

McCrispy Ingredients

McCrispy Patty
Mc Crispy Patty
(1032 kJ, 246 kcal)
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
(13 KJ | 3Kcal)
Sesame Sourdough  Bun
Sesame Sourdough Bun
(770 kJ | 182 kcal)
Black Pepper Mayo
Black Pepper Mayo
(216 kJ | 52 kcal)

Nutritional Report of Mc Crispy McDonald’s

 Energy        2031 KJ (24%RI)    484 KCal (24%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)26% RI 18g
Of which saturated (g)10% RI 2.0g
Carbohydrates (g)20% RI 53g
Of which Sugar (g)8% RI 6.9g
Protein (g)52% RI 26g
Fibre (g)Nil3.7g
Salt (g)32% RI 1.9g
Nutritional Report of Mc Crispy McDonald’s

Comparison of McDonald’s Crispy vs McChicken

ComponentsMc CrispyMcChicken
IngredientsCrispy Chicken Patty, Sandwich Vegan Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Sesame BunCoated Chicken Patty, Sandwich Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Sesame Bun
Energy1833 KJ or 437 Kcal1549 KJ or 369 Kcal
TasteCrunchy with normal spice and little sauceA little crunchier and a bit spicy
StatusAlways AvailableAlways Available
Comparison of Mc Crispy vs. McChicken

McCrispy McDonald’s Recipe

Mc Crispy Chicken Burger is quite simple to make in your kitchen if you do not have access to a McDonald’s branch in the UK. No matter where you live, gather the necessary ingredients, like vegan sauce, buns, and chicken meat, and follow the given preparation guide for the Spicy Mc Crispy Chicken Burger.

How to prepare it?

  • First of all, grind your chicken meat along with specific spices, condiments and seasonings to create a chicken patty. Make the patty and store it in a chilled location, for example, a freezer.
  • Now you should shred the fresh iceberg lettuce into small pieces. 
  • Next, take the packet of sesame Topped Sourdough style bun and open it. Place both pieces of the bun on a hot griddle or flat pan to warm these pieces of bun. 
  • Remove the patty from its packing and fry it in a suitable edible oil of your choice.
  • Put this freshly fried crispy chicken patty on the bottom half of the bun. Spread some pieces of shredded iceberg lettuce on top of this crispy chicken patty. 
  • After that, apply some black pepper mayo as a topping to these lettuce leaves. Put the top half of the hot bun on, and your Spicy Mc Cripsy Burger is ready to serve.

Our McCrispy McDonald’s Review

In this review, we have a popular burger named McDonald’s Crispy from the latest McDonald’s Burgers menu. So, this burger is among the hot-selling items in McDonald’s branches across the UK. Therefore, for its taste review, I went to a McDonald’s branch and ordered this burger.

After getting my burger, I opened its cover and got my hands on this Crispy Chicken Burger at McDonalds. Then I just took a bite of this burger to put an end to my curiosity. Honestly speaking, there was not much difference from the McSpicy Burger, as the ingredients were quite identical. Overall, a crunchy and saucy burger with a delicious combo of crispy coated chicken with buns and sandwich vegan sauce.

However, it did justice to its price tag, and you can have this Crispy Chicken Burger at any time, especially when you feel utter desire and cravings late at night.


As we discussed earlier, this burger has the same set of ingredients as McSpicy. Therefore, Cripsy Calories UK is around 437 Kcal or 1833 KJ of energy. This amount of energy actually contributes to 24% of the daily intake of an adult. It means this burger constitutes ¼th of the daily energy intake of a person.

Yes, McDonald’s Crispy Spicy Burger is a great choice from the menu in the UK. It has a flavorful burger at a reasonable price tag. So, end your hunger with a saucy and crunchy burger available in each branch of this fast food chain in the UK.

McDonald’s recently introduced a Crispy Gaming chair that was fully customised with its logo and appearance. However, if you are thinking of buying it, then you may not get it from anywhere. This is because this gaming chair is only for lucky winners of various offers and giveaways from McDonald’s.

A large meal with a Crispy burger constitutes more energy and calories. This is because of the addition of cold drinks and fries that provide extra calories to your body.

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