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Bacon Double Cheeseburger

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Bacon Double Cheeseburger Price: £3.19

This Bacon Double Cheeseburger, stacked with delicious streaky bacon pieces, combined with tender beef patties layered with cheddar cheese, creates a strong craving to give this burger a try. Besides this, the sausages like mustard and ketchup with crispy onion pieces give a world of creamy and luscious feel to this burger.

From an energy point of view, the extra protein content of beef patties and streaky bacon pieces makes it a fully energised burger, providing 484 kcal or 2027 KJ of energy.

Under the meal category, You can order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger together with a bucket of fries and a cold drink that you like from the McDonald’s UK menu. One can also choose between Medium or Large meal sizes, with the number of fries and beverage quantity changing accordingly. As a result, the pricing of this meal offer will differ as well.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Ingredients

Beef Patty
Beef Patty
775 kJ | 186 kcal
603 kJ | 142 kcal
Streaky Bacon
Streaky Bacon
193 kJ | 46 kcal
Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Ketchup
54 kJ | 13 kcal
2 kJ | 0 kcal
9 kJ | 2 kcal
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
389 kJ | 94 kcal
Pickle Slices
Pickle Slices
2 kJ | 0 kcal

McDonalds Bacon Double Cheeseburger Nutrition Report

 Energy        2027 KJ (24%RI)    484 KCal (24%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)36% RI 25g
Of which saturated (g)59% RI 12g
Carbohydrates (g)13% RI 33g
Of which Sugar (g)9% RI 8.0g
Protein (g)62% RI 31g
Fibre (g)Nil2.6g
Salt (g)50% RI 3.0g
McDonalds Double Bacon Cheeseburger Nutrition Report

Double Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

As a non-resident of the UK, you can still prepare and taste this burger wherever you are in the world. However, you have to make sure to access each and every ingredient that is used for preparing McDonald’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger. So, the following is the standard procedure recipe and guidelines for making this burger in your own kitchen.

How to prepare it?

  • First of all, take 200 grams of beef meat and mince it properly. Next, you should add a calculated amount of salt, peppers, spices, and other seasonings that you prefer. 
  • Properly mix these ingredients with each other and then make 2 round patties.
  • Add some cooking oil to a frying pan and add 70 ml of cooking oil to the pan. So, you should fry these two beef patties thoroughly from all sides. 
  • Besides these patties, you should also prepare 2 streaky bacon pieces by applying some cooking oil and spices on both sides of the pieces. 
  • Take a small onion and chop it into small fragments. This also splinters the pickle into 3 slices. 
  • Now, you should remove the bun from the packet and toast them for a minute inside the toaster. 
  • On to the next step, arrange all the ingredients in a specific order and you should place the first beef patty on the bottom bun. On top of that patty, place a slice of cheddar cheese.
  • In this same pattern, stack two patties on each other with two cheese slices layered between the corresponding beef patties. 
  • In the next step, you should place the streaky bacon pieces in a twisted form to adjust them to the size of the burger. 
  • Spread the onion pieces and place the pickle slices on these chopped onion fragments.
  • The next step is to apply the layers of items like mustard and ketchup on the vegetable fragments on onions and pickles slices. 
  • Finally, you should place the top half of the bun on top of this pile of ingredients. That is it; your bacon cheeseburger is ready to savour or serve.

Our Double Bacon Cheeseburger Review

So, today we are going to review another popular burger, Bacon Double Burger, from the McDonald’s Burgers menu. So, we ordered this burger and received the packet within 25 minutes. Then, I removed this burger from the packet and felt an auspicious aroma of freshly cooked patties and a toasted bun. This burger has two beef patties and two streaky bacon pieces, which increase its size compared to a normal burger.

After taking its bite, the two beef patties, Streaky Bacon pieces, and the buns offer a combination of flavours that will please any fast-food or burger lover. Furthermore, the mustard sausage and ketchup provide a deliciously seasoned taste with just the right amount of spice. While the cheddar cheese gives the necessary luscious flavour to this burger,


This cheeseburger with double beef patties and streaky bacon pieces contains 484 Kcal or 2027 KJ of energy.  This is almost a quarter of the total energy consumption of a person in a day. 

The Bacon Double Cheeseburger McDonalds price is £3.19

You can easily find the location of a nearby McDonald’s branch in the UK with the help of the McDonald’s website. Here, you need to allow the website to locate your current positions, and then you will have plenty of McDonald’s branches to choose from where Double Bacon Cheeseburger is available in McDonald’s Menu. However, you can locate them through the Google Maps application as well.

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