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McCrispy Deluxe (Limited time Special Offer of Burger) Available in Latest McDonald’s Menu

Price: £7.19
Medium Meal Price: £8.99
Large Meal Price: £9.79

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Enjoy the delicious McCrispy Deluxe burger, which contains a crispy chicken patty and streaky bacon between the layers of cheddar cheese slices. The chicken patty provides a necessary crunch, and the caramelized onion and balsamic relish add the spicy flavor that forces the consumer to lick his fingers.

While the hot and spicy mayo with fresh lettuce and onion rings makes this burger a great combo of spice and yum, This burger is available as a limited-time offer on McDonald’s Burgers menu in all nearby branches in the UK.

This burger comes as a meal deal where you can get a regular cold drink and small fries as a combo of Deluxe McCrispy Meals. You can enjoy this crispy meal at home by ordering it or visiting your nearby McDonald’s branch.

McCrispy Deluxe Ingredients

Beechwood Smoked Bacon
Streaky bacon
193 kJ | 46 kcal
(7 KJ | 2Kcal)
Red onions Rings
(12KJ | 3Kcal)
Mild Cheddar Slices
344 kJ | 83 kcal
 Onion & Balsamic Relish
56 kJ | 13 kcal
McCrispy Patty
1,032 kJ | 246 kcal
Sesame Sourdough Bun
770 kJ | 182 kcal
107 kJ | 26 kcal

Nutritional Report of McCrispy Delux McDonald’s

Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)36% RI 25g
Of which saturated (g)33% RI 6.6g
Carbohydrates (g)22% RI 56g
Of which Sugar (g)10% RI 8.7g
Protein (g)71% RI 36g
Fibre (g)Nil3.8g
Salt (g)43% RI 2.6g
Nutritional Report of McCrispy Chicken Delux McDonald’s

Comparison of simple McCrispy vs Deluxe McCrispy

ComponentsMcDonald’s McCrispy Chicken DeluxeMcCrispy
IngredientsCrispy Chicken Patty, Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Relish, Hot and Spicy Mayo, Onions, Lettuce, Streaky Bacon, and Sesame BunCrispy Chicken Patty, Sandwich Vegan Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Sesame Bun
Calories2521 KJ or 601 Kcal1833 KJ or 437 Kcal
TasteCrunchy, Saucy with more spice and flavourCrunchy with normal spice and no sauce
StatusLimited-Time OfferAlways Available
McCrispy vs Deluxe McCrispy

McCrispy Deluxe UK Recipe

In case you are living outside the UK and you are craving this Deluxe McDonald’s burger, here is a simple solution for your hunger and craving. We will be discussing the recipe for this burger and how you can prepare it in the comfort of your home.

How to prepare it?

  • First of all, prepare your chicken patty by grinding your chicken meat and adding specific spices and herbs. Now, make a patty and keep it in a cool place like a freezer.
  • Next, you should take out fresh lettuce and onions and shred the lettuce into smaller pieces. Cut the onions bi-sectionally to make their rings. 
  • Prepare a streaky bacon and at the same time place the sesame buns on the griddle. 
  • Now, after heating these buns apply some hot and spicy mayo on the inner side of the bun. 
  • Take out your chicken patty and fry it in edible oil. 
  • After applying the mayo, place the shredded lettuce and onions on the buns. Above them, you should put chicken patty and bacon.
  • Now, add the relish to this meat and put the second bun inwardly. That is it. Your fresh and spicy McCrispy Deluxe Burger is ready. Enjoy it even if you’re living anywhere in the world. 

Our McCrispy Chicken Deluxe Review

McDonald’s UK recently launched this delicious and crunchy McCrispy Chicken Deluxe Burger that soon became the favourite of people because of its ingredients and amazing taste. So, we decided to try this item and ordered it. Soon, we received our parcel and took it out of the packet. 

First of all, let me tell you that the Spicy McCrispy Chicken Deluxe Burger from McDonald’s UK menu smells very audacious, and you start feeling more hungry. The burger was loaded with each ingredient, and I just can’t wait to take its first bite. My first reaction as the taste buds recognised its taste was “AMAZINGLY CRUNCHY, SPICY, AND DELICIOUS.”

The bun was still hot, and the ingredients were equally fresh and had a good taste. The combination of a crispy chicken patty with balsamic dressings and onion relish and spicy mayo makes this burger world-class.

If you are currently residing in the UK, you must try out this burger from McDonald’s menu by visiting your nearby branch or simply ordering it. 


This limited-time offer crunchy burger contains highly nutritious ingredients that contribute to its nutritional value. The McCrispy chicken deluxe burger calories are 2521 KJ or 601 Kcal. It means this deluxe burger carries almost 30% of the average total energy consumption of an adult on a daily basis. 

This McCrispy Chicken Deluxe Burger from McDonald’s UK menu contains a list of delicious ingredients that include, Sesame Bun, Streaky bacon, Spicy and Hot mayo, Crispy Chicken Patty, Red Onion rings, lettuce, and caramelised onion & Balsamic rings.

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