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Triple Cheeseburger

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Triple Cheeseburger Price: £3.39

This Triple Cheeseburger is one of the biggest burgers on the McDonald’s UK Burgers menu. This burger is loaded with three tender and luscious beef patties, stacked on each other with cheddar cheese slices separating them.

Topping them are ketchup and mustard layered with chopped onions and pickle slices all grouped between toasted bun providing a delightful meat taste. It is next step of Double Cheeseburger.

Triple Cheeseburger Ingredients

Beef Patty
Beef Patty
388 kJ | 93 kcal
603 kJ | 142 kcal
(12KJ | 3Kcal)
Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Ketchup
54 kJ | 13 kcal
2 kJ | 0 kcal
Pickle Slices
Pickle Slices
1 kJ | 0 kcal
Cheddar Cheese Slice (processed)
Cheddar Cheese Slice (processed)
194 kJ | 47 kcal

Nutritional Report of Triple Cheeseburger

 Energy        2416 KJ (29%RI)    578 KCal (29%RI)
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)46% RI 32g
Of which saturated (g)80% RI 16g
Carbohydrates (g)13% RI 34g
Of which Sugar (g)10% RI 8.6g
Protein (g)73% RI 37g
Fibre (g)Nil2.6g
Salt (g)57% RI 3.4g
Nutritional Report of Cheeseburger with Triple Patties

Comparison of Triple Cheeseburger vs Quarter Pounder

ComponentsCheeseburger with Triple PattiesQuarter Pounder
IngredientsBeef Patty, Onions, Bun, Tomato Ketchup, Mustard, Cheddar Cheese slices, Pickle slices.Beef Patty, Onions, Sesame Bun, Tomato Ketchup, Cheddar Cheese slices, Pickle slices.
Energy2416 KJ or 578 Kcal2122 KJ or 507 Kcal
TasteExtremely delicious with large meat quantityTender and luscious flavoured
StatusAlways AvailableAlways  Available
Comparison of Cheeseburger with Triple Patties vs Quarter Pounder

Comparison of Cheeseburger with Triple Patties vs Double Quarter Pounder

ComponentsCheeseburger with Triple PattiesDouble Quarter Pounder
IngredientsBeef Patty, Onions, Bun, Tomato Ketchup, Mustard, Cheddar Cheese slices, Pickle slices.Quarter Beef Patties, Sesame Bun, Onions, Mustard, Tomato Ketchup, Pickle slices, Cheddar Cheese slices
Energy2416 KJ or 578 Kcal3088 KJ or 739 Kcal
TasteExtremely delicious with large meat quantityDelicious with high spice
StatusAlways AvailableAlways  Available
Comparison of Cheeseburger with Triple Patties vs Double Quarter Pounder

Cheeseburger with Triple Patties Recipe

Here is a detailed guide about preparing this cheeseburger with triple patties in your home kitchen. Moreover, we will also discuss the number of ingredients and what steps you have to take in a specific order so that you end up preparing this burger from the McDonald’s menu. 

How to prepare it?

  • First of all, take 300 grams of beef meat and mince it properly. Next, you should add a calculated amount of salt, peppers, spices, and other seasonings that you prefer. 
  • Properly mix these ingredients with each other and then make 3 round patties.
  • Add some cooking oil to a frying pan and add 100 ml of cooking oil to the pan. So, you should fry these three beef patties thoroughly from all sides. 
  • Take a small onion and chop it into small fragments. Besides this also splinter the pickle into 3 slices. 
  • Now, you should remove the bun from the packet and toast them for a minute inside the toaster. 
  • On to the next step, arrange all the ingredients in a specific order and you should place the first beef patty on the bottom bun. On top of that patty, place a slice of cheddar cheese.
  • In this same pattern, stack three patties on each other with three cheese slices layered between the corresponding beef patty. 
  • Spread the onion pieces and place the pickle slices on these chopped onion fragments.
  • The next step is to apply the layers of items like mustard and ketchup on the vegetable fragments on onions and pickles slices. 
  • Finally, you should place the top half of the bun on top of this pile of ingredients. That is it, your cheeseburger triple is ready to savour or serve.

Triple Cheeseburger Review

So, In our today’s food item review and we decided to taste the Cheeseburger Triple from the McDonald’s UK menu, which was delivered to us after waiting for about 20 minutes. Without wasting any time, I removed it from the packet and arranged it onto a plate. I was hit with the delectable scent of tender and flavorful beef patties. This just took my hunger and carving for this burger to new heights.

First of all, this burger size was huge and quite comparable to Big Mac. So, for taking a bite, I literally had to open my mouth wide apart and this bite was filled with so much cream and delicious meat. The burger was amazingly tasty with cheddar cheese and patties mixing up to further evoke your hunger. 


This burger contains almost 578 Kcal of energy and most part of this energy is due to beef patties that provide extra protein content.

The Triplet Cheeseburger protein content is 37 grams and the bun contains almost 142 Kcal out of 578 kcal of the entire burger. Therefore, McDonalds Cheeseburger with Triple Patties no bun nutrition is 436 Kcal.

This burger will cost you around £2.89. However, these prices may differ in different areas of the United Kingdom

Yes, this burger provides a luscious and amazing taste with loads of beef that will provide you with an energy boost and satisfy your hunger. So, from a size and taste point of view, this cheeseburger loaded with three beef patties is an excellent choice for a late-night craving and appetising lunch

No, the prices of these cheeseburgers from McDonald’s UK menu are above £1. A normal cheeseburger can normally cost you around £1.19 and for triple sized cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburgers, prices are £2.89 and £2.69. 

From a size point of view, Big Mac is slightly bigger than the Triple Cheeseburger. This is because of a central bun, however, Big Mac has less number of ingredients than Cheeseburger with triple beef patties.

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