Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Double Bacon Egg McMuffin

price: £4.99
Meal Price: £6.49

Another breakfast item on McDonald’s menu is the Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin which contains soft and nutritious ingredients. This item carries a bursty combination of a yummy egg, crispy bacon slices, a melted cheddar cheese slice, and a slight blend of liquid vegetables, all stacked in a soft and chewy English muffin. It further carries a considerable amount of energy to give a refreshing start to your day.

  Energy       1573 KJ (19%RI)    376 KCal (19%RI)    

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  • Back Bacon
  • Cheddar Cheese slice
  • Egg
  • English Muffin
  • Liquid Vegetable and dairy fat Blend

Nutritional Report

Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)26% RI 18g
Of which saturated (g)34% RI 6.7g
Carbohydrates (g)10% RI 27g
Of which Sugar (g)3% RI 2.8g
Protein (g)49% RI 24g
Fibre (g)Nil1.8g
Salt (g)33% RI 2.0g
McDonald’s Double Bacon Egg McMuffin Nutritional Report

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