Latte Coffee Recipe, Nutrition & Price At McDonald’s Menu

Latte Coffee Recipe

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A Latte Coffee is a top-class addition to hot drinks menu of McDonald’s. Carefully prepared while perfectly steaming the combination of double shot of espresso and organic semi-skimmed milk makes it a right option for a coffee. Available in two different Large and Regular Sizes.

Latte price Regular: £2.29
Latte price Large: £2.89

McDonald’s Latte Ingredients

2 Items are mainly use to make this coffee. These are easily available too. You can check

1) Coffee 2) Semi-Skimmed Milk

Latte McDonald’s Nutrition Report

Energy: 145Kcal (Regular) 197Kcal (Large)
Nutritional Information
Percentage Reference Intake

Per Portion
Fats (g)7% RI10% RI5.2g7.1g
Of which saturated (g)16% RI22% RI3.2g4.3g
Carbohydrates (g)5% RI7% RI14g19g
Of which Sugar (g)15% RI21% RI14g19g
Protein (g)21% RI29% RI11g14g
Fibre (g)NilNil0g0g
Salt (g)5% RI7% RI0.32g0.43g
Latte McDonald’s Nutrition Report

McDonald’s Latte Recipe

The recipe and process of preparing this coffee is somewhat quite identical to other coffees. However, there is a slight change that is discussed below. You need semi-skimmed milk, coffee powder, sugar, and an espresso machine for it preparation.

How to make this coffee?

  • The first step is making a coffe powder in case you have Arabic Beans. Blend these beans into fine coffee powder and makes it ready for tampering.
  • Now, spread this powder in that tamper for dressing and after doing so add it to the espresso machine.
  • Start filling your cup after double shot of espresso to this powder and water mixture.
  • The next step is adding the semi-skimmed milk to prepare a light brown color coffee.
  • Steam this coffee with steamwand and add sugar according to your requirement.

McDonald’s Latte Coffee Review

Another classic coffee item from McDonald’s menu is its special Latte that is served in a good portable cup. This double shot espresso coffee provides a creamy and delicate taste with its hotness providing a instant energy and warmth to your mouth.

A great option from McCafe menu that be enjoyed at anytime in your day with different meal options. Also Latte word is very unique you can check its meaning and pronunciation too. Must mention real mean in comment section.

Enjoy this Coffee at McDonald’s or make it in Home by yourself according to above given Recipe. Thanks for Reading, You can read Mostly ask Questions in FAQs section too. Also for detail info about Allergens and Calories Calcution You can Go to McDonald’s.


Due to different serving sizes, the calorie count of each size will differ and it is given below;

Regular portion of this Coffee calories: 145 Kcal or 610 KJ (7%RI)

Large portion of this Coffee calories: 197 Kcal or 828 KJ (10% RI)

The term Latte comes from an Italian backround which is pronounced as Laa + Tay or Lah + The and both are correct in their own accent.

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