Coca-Cola Zero Sugar McDonald’s Price

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

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Available in three different serving sizes, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is an excellent fizzy drink that you can enjoy from McDonald’s Menu.

With zero sugar content, this drink can be the go-to choice for anyone who avoids Coca-Cola for having high sugar calories. It tastes almost the same as normal Coca-Cola; this drink is preferable for different meal options on McDonald’s Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu.

Small Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Price: £1.49
Medium Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Price: £1.99
Large Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Price: £2.39

Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Ingredients

  • Acidity Regulators
  • Anti-Foaming Agent
  • Caramel Colour
  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Flavourings (Caffeine)
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Preservatives
  • Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K)

McDonald’s Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Nutrition Facts

Nutritional InformationSmall Zero Sugar Coke Medium Zero Sugar Coke Large Zero Sugar Coke
Per Portion%RIPer Portion%RIPer Portion%RI
Fats (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Of which saturated (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Carbohydrates (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Of which Sugar (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Protein (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Fibre (g)0.0g0%0.0g0%0.0g0%
Salt (g)0.07g1%0.10g2%0.13g2%
McDonald’s Zero Sugar Coke Nutrition Facts

Diet Coke vs Coke Zero

Coke Zero SugarCharacteristicsDiet Coke
Almost IdenticalIngredientsAlmost Identical
1 Kcal or 6 KJEnergy1 Kcal or 6 KJ
Sweeter because of more flavouringsTasteLess sweet because of fewer Flavours
Yes, AvailableAvailability StatusYes, Available
Diet Coke vs Coke Zero


Small Zero Sugar Coca-Cola calories: 1 Kcal or 4 KJ (0% RI)

Medium Zero Sugar Coca-Cola calories: 1 Kcal or 6 KJ (0% RI)

Large Zero Sugar Coca-Cola calories: 2 Kcal or 7 KJ (0% RI)

Yes, the major ingredient of this beverage is flavouring, and McDonald’s has mentioned that these flavourings contain caffeine. So, a 330-ml serving of this Zero Sugar Coca-Cola drink contains almost 32 grammes of caffeine.

No, Although it is written on the packaging that this coca cola has no sugar ingredients, but they use artificial sweeteners to make a taste of this drink. Therefore, these sweeteners lead to weight gain which is a worrying sign for diabetic patients.

No, the artificial sweeteners in this Coca-Cola are responsible for weight gain. So, this drink is not suitable for weight loss.

Although this drink has zero sugar content, still it contains sweeteners and flavorings that can be problematic for people who suffer from obesity and diabetes.

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