Veggie Dippers 4 pieces Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

Veggie Dippers 4 pieces

McDonald’s Veggie Dippers 4 pieces Price: £5.09
Medium Veggie Dippers Meal Price: £6.89
Large Veggie Dippers Meal Price: £7.69   

Veggie Dippers 4 pieces from McDonald’s menu are delicious bites for vegetarians who avoid meat products. These dippers have a crusty exterior that encloses tender and soft ingredients of tomato pesto and red pepper giving a delicious flavor combination. 

Energy        1339 KJ (16%RI)    321 KCal (16%RI)

Vegetarian Society Verified Veggie Dippers in McDonald’s Menu

Nutritional Report

Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)19% RI 13g
Of which saturated (g)7% RI 1.3g
Carbohydrates (g)16% RI 41g
Of which Sugar (g)3% RI 2.3g
Protein (g)13% RI 6.6g
Fibre (g)Nil6.0g
Salt (g)19% RI 1.1g
Veggie Dippers – 4 pieces Nutritional Report

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