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Start your day on the right foot by satisfying your morning snack cravings with porridge with Lyle’s golden syrup. This item from McDonald’s breakfast menu can be a perfect option to try for giving yourself a soft and sweet treat. Available in all McDonald’s branches except the Northern Ireland restaurants.

McDonald’s Porridge with Lyles Golden Syrup Price: £1.99

Porridge with Lyle’s Golden Syrup Ingredients

Porridge with Golden Syrup Nutritional Report

Energy        923 KJ (8%RI)    217 KCal 11%RI)    
Nutritional InformationPercentage Reference IntakePer Portion
Fats (g)4% RI 3.0g
Of which saturated (g)7% RI 1.3g
Carbohydrates (g)15% RI 39g
Of which Sugar (g)25% RI 22g
Protein (g)16% RI 7.8g
Fibre (g)Nill1.9g
Salt (g)5% RI 0.30g
Porridge with Golden Syrup Nutritional Report

McDonald’s Golden Syrup Porridge Recipe

Making this porridge at home is easy and convenient, as long as you have the necessary ingredients. To prepare it, all you need are wholegrain oats, Lyle’s Golden Syrup, and organic or semi-skimmed milk. Just follow the steps below, and your sweet and satisfying bowl of porridge, paired with Lyle’s Golden Syrup, will be ready in no time.

How to make Porridge with Golden Syrup?

  • To begin, add a generous amount of wholegrain oats and a reasonable amount of organic milk or semi-skimmed milk to a bowl.
  • Ensure the oats are coated in milk by stirring the mixture. Proceed by placing the mixture on a medium heat.
  • Boil the mixture thoroughly so that the oats start filling with milk and become fluffy.
  • Now, you should simmer the mixture properly until the oats are plump.
  • One thing that you should keep in mind while boiling these oats is to make sure you stir them continuously. It will prevent the soft oats from sticking to the surface of the hot bowl.
  • Once you notice that oats are prepared to perfection, you should take out the bowl from the stove and let its temperature go down slightly.
  • Finally, add some Lyle’s golden syrup on top of this porridge for an enhanced taste and flavour.
  • That is it, your porridge with Lyle’s golden syrup is ready to serve.

McDonald’s Porridge with Lyles Golden Syrup Review

The presentation of this porridge with Lyle’s golden syrup on top makes it more inviting and appetizing. The easy-to-carry and compact packing of this porridge is another feature of this item from McDonald’s menu. However, this porridge is limited to Specific branches of the UK except the Northern Ireland branches.

The pairing of these plump oats with golden syrup offers a delightful and delicate taste to your taste buds. The soothing and sugary experience of this porridge leave your mouth wanting more of such soft and healthy diet.


The energy count of porridge with Lyles Golden Syrup is 217 kcal or 923 kJ.

Yes, to enhance the taste and eating experience of the porridge, you may add golden syrup on top of it. This will surely provide you with a bit more energy and amazing savoury.

This porridge with Golden Syrup is an excellent diet option to take on because its ingredients control the cholesterol level of the body. This will lead to the less chronic diseases and a healthy lifestyle.

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