Carrot Bag Latest Price & Nutrition at McDonald’s

carrot Bag

Carrot Bag Price: £0.99

Another organic and healthy item from the Fries & Sides category on McDonald’s menu is the carrot bag. This bag is a portable snack that you can carry anywhere. However, this is a great choice if you are on the go and want to eat something healthy.

These carrots are 100% pure and not made with artificial ingredients or flavors. Furthermore, McDonald’s also allows you to replace this bag with McDonald’s fries from the Happy Meal menu.

Energy        141 KJ (2%RI)    34 KCal (2%RI) 

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Nutritional Report

Nutritional InformationPer PortionPercentage Reference Intake
Energy (KJ)141 KJ2% RI
Energy (KCal)34 KCal2% RI
Fat (g)0.2g0% RI
Carbohydrates (g)6.2g2% RI
Fibre (g)2.4gNil
Of which saturated (g)0.1g0% RI
Of which sugars (g)5.8g6% RI
Protein (g)0.5g1% RI
Salt (g)0.08g1% RI
Nutritional Report

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