McDonalds Burgers Menu with prices & Nutrition

McDonald’s is widely recognized as a popular fast food chain, mainly due to their delicious and crunchy burgers on McDonalds Burgers Menu . Similarly, This fast food chain has almost 1400 branches spread across the whole United Kingdom, and one can easily avail of their signature burgers and sandwiches from the McDonald’s menu.


Probably, the most popular fast-food category on McDonald’s menu comprises delicious and succulent burgers for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

McDonalds Burgers Menu UK:

Some of the top and most popular burgers on this fast food chain include Big Mac, McCrispy, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Mcplant, Vegetable Deluxe, Triple Cheese Burger, and Hamburger. McDonald’s has been serving these signature burgers for many decades, and they are a part of this fast food chain culture in the United Kingdom.

McDonalds Burgers Menu prices:

The above table contains the pricing details of the complete burger menu of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom. One thing that is important to mention here is that all these prices are derived from the Deliveroo platform, which is an official delivery partner of McDonald’s in the UK.

Therefore, these are estimated prices, and they may have slight variations due to the different locations of this fast food chain across the country.

McDonalds Burgers Menu Nutrition Report:

Menu ItemEnergy (Kcal)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
The Big & Cheesy with Bacon81351g54g43g
The Big & Cheesy76746g53g40g
Chicken Big Mac52925g61g20g
Big Mac49326g42g24g
Quarter Pounder with Cheese50732g37g26g
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese73953g37g42g
Filet -o- Fish31914g37g12g
Vegetable Deluxe3618.8g51g12g
McChicken Sandwich36917g41g15g
Bacon Mayo Chicken33217g38g12g
Triple Cheeseburger57837g34g32g
Mayo Chicken28512g38g9.1g
Bacon Double Cheeseburger48431g33g25g
Double Cheeseburger49826g33g22g
McDonalds Burgers Menu Nutrition Report

Here is the general nutrition report of all the available burgers and sandwiches on the McDonald’s menu in the United Kingdom. This report can help consumers know the energy content and major nutrient amounts in each burger available on the menu. So, anyone who is health conscious and takes a calculated amount of energy content from food should consult this report before savouring any burger.

Why McDonald’s Burgers are popular?

It deals in various types of sandwiches and burgers that cater to every type of food lover whether vegetarian, vegan or no vegetarians. Besides this, McDonald’s comes up with amazing burger ideas and makes them available as limited-time offers to attract and serve its consumers with a new blend of flavours. This makes this fast food chain unique and popular among people.

The fast-food chain provides a variety of delicious and crunchy burgers that have contributed a lot to the success of McDonald’s. The unique recipes and the calculated amount of ingredients used are the highlights of the burgers and sandwiches.

This blog guided you regarding the burger menu of this fast food chain, their signature burgers and sandwiches, the latest pricing details and the nutritional values of each burger included in the menu.


Q. How many grams of lettuce does McDonald’s use in each of its burgers?

The exact amount of Lettuce in a burger depends on the rest of the ingredients and the size of the burger. McDonald’s uses 28 grams of lettuce in its Big Mac burger and 12 grams in its Chicken Legend Burger. 

Q. Why McDonald’s does not place burger vans at big events?

You might have noticed burger vans in various parts of the world attending different events. However, McDonald’s in the United Kingdom has not shown any interest in installing mobile vans in such events. As the Grills and Fryers used for making burgers won’t fit inside a van.

Q. Does McDonald’s serve the same sauce in its Mayo chicken and McChicken Burger?

No, both sauces are different, as the Mayo chicken has a cool mayo sauce while the McChicken Burger is loaded with sandwich sauce.

Q. Is it possible to have bunless burgers on the menu?

You can imagine what a bunless burger would look like. Would it be a burger anymore? However, you can customise your order and remove the bun in case you are allergic to wheat or do not like the taste of buns. So, yes, you can get a bunless burger after customising your order.

Q. How long does it take to cook a burger on the grill?

Usually, a burger in McDonald’s kitchen takes almost 2 minutes to be prepared on the grill. However, it may take less or more time depending upon the size and type of urger.

Q. Is emulsifier 471 which is used in various McDonald’s products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, this emulsifier 471 is a key element in various McDonald’s products and is suitable for vegetarians. Each product on the vegetarian menu is approved by the Vegetarian Society in the United Kingdom.

Q. Do McDonald’s serve gluten-free Big Macs?

As the Big Mac burger carries a bun, it does contain the gluten element. However,r if you remove the bun from the burger, then the beef patty, sauce, pickles, lettuce, and onions are free of gluten and do not pose an allergic issue.

Q. It is possible to have a Big Mac with two quarter-pounder burgers?

Yes, you can order whatever burger from the menu until it is available on the menu. So, you can get a Big Mac and two Quarter Pounders to make your own flavourful combination. However, in case you are saying to modify the recipe according to your taste, that might not be possible.

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