McDonalds History in UK – How fast food Chain Grew with time?

McDonald’s is the world’s best and largest fast food chain that has spread and is popular globally. McDonalds History in UK started when the first McDonald’s ever restaurant opened in the UK in October 1974 at Woolwich South London. McDonald’s always comes up with great-tasting food prepared from high-quality ingredients and with great service to their customers. In the UK, McDonald’s has more than 1270 restaurants and has 120,000 employees that work there.

McDonald's first ever restaurant

First Restaurants of McDonalds History in UK

The first ever McDonald’s restaurant that was opened in the UK is in Woolwich South London which was started in October 1974. Two brothers Maurice and Richard in California in 1940 opened first time a burger restaurant in San Bernardino.

They named it Speedee Service System, where they served high-quality, good-tasting food quickly. Then later, Ray Krock 1955 opened his restaurant in Illinois, inspired by these McDonald’s brothers, and gave the McDonald’s name to his restaurant. So in this way, the first-ever McDonald’s restaurant in the UK has opened. 

McDonalds History in UK first kitchen

McDonald’s UK in the 1970s:

All the activities related to McDonald’s that were done in the 1970s are mentioned in the table:

1974McDonald’s first restaurant opened in the UK in October 1974 at Woolwich, South London. At that time, the Head Office was situated in Hampstead, North London.
1975In 1975, McDonald’s first advertisement was done, as it appeared on cinema screens in the UK.
1976And later, in 1976, the TV advertisement was broadcast in the UK.
1978The Head Office that was located in Hampstead was relocated to Edgware Road. 

McDonald’s UK in the 1980s:

Several different changes in the menu and other activities have been shown in the 1980s period, which are elaborated on below.

1982For the first time on the menu, Breakfast was added. At this time again, the Head Office was relocated to East Finchley, North London which is the current site. 
1983In Manchester, the 100th restaurant was opened on Market Street.
1984McNuggets were introduced to the menu.At that time, McDonald’s became the UK’s first quick-service restaurant and was introduced throughout the country.
1986First-time Happy Meals were added to the menu.In Dudley, Neasden, and Coventry drive-thru restaurants were opened. In Hayes, Middlesex, franchisee-operated restaurants were the first to open. Also in 1986, in Ipswich, the 200th restaurant opened.
1988In Dagenham, the 300th restaurant opened in 1988.In all McDonald’s foam packaging, CFCs ceased to be used.
1989The charity program Ronald McDonald’s Children Charity (RMCC) was first registered and then later became Ronald McDonald’s House Charity.  On the menu, a McChicken Sandwich was introduced.

McDonald’s UK in the 1990s:

The 1990s period is considered to be a great activity and establishment period in McDonalds History in UK. The list of each activity in McDonald’s UK in the 1990s is given below

1990At Guy’s Hospital London, the first Ronald McDonald’s House was opened.
1991The 400th restaurant was opened. The first restaurant opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1992At Liverpool Street, London, McDonald’s opened at the railway station.
1993At Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, another Ronald McDonald’s House was opened in Liverpool.In Notting Hill, London, the 500th restaurant was opened.
1994In 1994, McDonald’s celebrated its 20 years of serving in the UK.
1995At the Woodall motorway service area, the 600th restaurant opened.
1996Nationwide, the Vegetable Deluxe was introduced. At London’s Piccadil Circus in Trocadero, the 700th restaurant opened.
1997At London’s former Country Hall, the 800th restaurant opened.
1998McDonald’s, in 1998, recognized itself as an investor in people. 
1999In 1999, the 25th anniversary was celebrated by McDonald’s in the McDonalds History in UK.

McDonald’s UK in the 2000s:

McDonalds History in UK in the 2000s is given below

2000In 2000, McDonald’s launched its website in the UK. McFlurry ice cream was also introduced.
2001McDonald’s has appointed Geoff Hurst as a Director of Football.
2002In 2002, McDonald’s was introduced as FA’s Community Partner for creating 10,000 football coaches for children for four years in the UK.
2003A new Fruit bag was introduced on McDonald’s menu.
2004Wi-Fi access has been granted across 500 restaurants in the UK.McDonald’s made a series of changes and additions to the breakfast menu in the UK, such as bagels and Oatso simple porridge.
2005Many new Happy Meals were introduced, and nutritional information about the meal option has been provided for parents to be easy to use.An Alternative Award from RSPCA was recognized, and commitment was made to the welfare of animals in the fast food sector.
2006McDonald’s appointed Steve Easterbrook as McDonald’s UK President and CEO.A new career and lifestyle website was launched at MxDonald’s UK.
2007Organic and fresh semi-skimmed milk began to be used in McDonald’s from UK dairy farms in all coffees, porridges, and Happy Meal bottles. Rainforest Alliance Coffee began to be served at McDonald’s UK.The Open Farms Program was also launched by McDonald’s UK with the event held at Olympic Park in East London, including the farmers who currently form part of McDonald’s supply chain. Apprenticeships were also announced by McDonald’s UK, which will be made available to each employee, providing the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognized qualification.At this time, McDonald’s became a founding member of Keep Britain Tidy’s Love. 

McDonald’s UK in the 2010s:

All the activities and achievements related to McDonald’s made in the 2010s are mentioned in the table below:

2011Nutritional Report printing on menu boards and packaging was made, through which the company became more transparent and open as a business. 
2012The Farm Forward program was launched by McDonald’s UK to support Irish & British farmers. McDonald’s obtained the sixth position in “The Sunday Times 25 Best Companies to Work For.” McDonald’s also launched a campaign called “Quality Scouts” inviting members of the public.McDonald’s became the best and most popular street restaurant to switch to 100% RSPCA Assured Pork in its entire menu. McDonald’s UK also launched the Happy Readers Campaign to provide millions of popular books to families.
2014In 2014, McDonald’s celebrated its 40-year success journey in the UK and launched a new campaign using the milestone.Free Fruit Fridays was also launched this year to encourage millions of children to eat and enjoy 5 a day. Launched a new building for the Better Play Football Program to raise the standards of grassroots clubs.New technologies have also been introduced, such as self-service kiosks, which enhance the in-store experience for customers for the betterment of McDonald’s future experience.
2015In January 2015, McDonald’s launched a new campaign to champion the value of soft skills by working with James Caan, CBE, and a union of business groups and employees. In September 2015, McDonald’s for its fries announced to use of 100% British potatoes.McDonald’s also invited many YouTubers to work behind the scenes of the supply chain to examine and advertise the quality of food and the beef supply chain.McDonald’s also launched a new signature collection.
2016In 2016, McDonald’s UK celebrated 10 consecutive years of growth.McDonald’s also launched a campaign called “Follow Our Foodsteps,” which enhances the power of virtual reality to open the supply chain CEO Paul Pomroy pledges in the UK, which has to create 500 jobs at the end of 2017. Another campaign was launched in 2016 by McDonald’s UK, celebrating the benefits of a multigenerational workforce. 
2017In 2017, McDonald’s UK celebrated its 10 consecutive years of growth and employed over 115,000 across 1270 stories.McDonald’s also announced the McDelivery Trial in April, which resulted in the beginning of the rapid rollout of the Click and Collect app. It also announced flexible and fixed contracts for all of its UK employees at the end of the year. The Signature Collection of McDonald’s UK rollout continues at pace and is now available in over 900 restaurants.


Q. What is the history of McDonald’s?

Two brothers Maurice and Richard in California in 1940 opened first time a burger restaurant in San Bernardino. They named it Speedee Service System, where they served quickly high-quality, good-tasting food like nowadays.

Q. Where did McDonald’s start in the UK?

The first ever McDonald’s restaurant in the UK was opened in Woolwich, South London which was started in October 1974.

Q. Is McDonald’s successful in the UK?

McDonald’s since 1974, has spread day by day in the UK and has now become the most popular and successful fast food chain in the UK. About 3.6 million customers visit restaurants daily in 1300 restaurants.

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