Mcdonalds fish sourcing

McDonalds Fish Sourcing Farms in UK

McDonald’s always uses pure and healthy ingredients, which makes it a fast food chain all over the world. In the same way, McDonalds Fish Sourcing is 100% pure and healthy in sustainable conditions. All the tasty fish that McDonald’s uses comes from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)-certified fisheries.

McDonald’s is a high purchaser of fish and also plays an important role in maintaining sustainability. Since 2001, McDonald’s UK has been sourcing sustainably sourced fish for all of its fish products.

McDonald’s Fish Suppliers

McDonald’s has been working with and dealing with many suppliers for a long time. McDonald’s supports suppliers and farmers in different areas and sets sustainability goals related to sourcing, including good-quality chicken, coffee, beef, and packaging.

Kenny Longaker (a fish supplier)Kenny Longaker supplies tasting fish to McDonald’s. He catches the best wild Alaskan pollock from the Bering Sea, which is the best source of this delicious fish.  The Alaskan Pollock is used for McDonald’s Fish-O-Fillet Sandwiches. By sustainably managing this species, we will enjoy it for many years. After catching this fish, it is frozen and filleted early for about 24 to 72 hours, which maintains the quality that McDonald’s wants.
Keystone Foods (a fish supplier)Keystone Food teamed up with McDonald’s and provides many food ingredients, like fish and chicken, for McNuggets. Keystone Food provides 15 million pounds of Fish each year to McDonald’s

McDonald’s role in preserving Irish Fishes

McDonald’s always tries to maintain the sustainability of each ingredient and product that it purchases. McDonald’s does not want to serve you fish only today; it wants to serve it for generations to come. For this reason, McDonald’s uses sustainability-sourced fish and serves it with a great and high-standard taste.

McDonald’s role in preserving Irish Fishes

Is McDonalds Fish Sourcing certified?

McDonald’s is working on various initiatives to maintain sustainability at each step for environmental stability, water management, animal welfare, sustainable food, and McDonalds fish sourcing. McDonald’s uses the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), a certified fisheries firm’s logo, on its packaging and serving menu, which actually demonstrates that the fish you are buying is sourced sustainably. 


Q. Where does McDonald’s fish come from in the UK?

McDonald’s buys fish from many trusted suppliers, and these sustainable fish are brought from a certified fisheries firm, the Marine Stewardship Council, which supplies high-quality fish to McDonald’s.

Q. Does McDonald’s UK catch their own fish?

McDonald’s UK does not catch its own fish; instead, they have a strong relationship with many farmers and suppliers from whom McDonald’s imports fish. The Alaskan pollock used by McDonald’s comes from the Bering Sea.

Q. Is McDonalds fish sourcing sustainable?

All the fish that McDonald’s uses come from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)-certified fisheries, which is a certified firm that takes care of McDonald’s expectations and the sustainability of fish.

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