Mcdonalds chicken sourcing

McDonalds Chicken Sourcing Farms in UK

The chicken used by McDonald’s is 100% breast-white meat that McDonald’s sources from trusted suppliers. McDonalds chicken sourcing in the UK is done in many countries, including the UK, France, Thailand, Holland, and Brazil. The chicken from these countries is purely organic and reared on farms with high standards and assurance.

These farms maintain sustainability and care for animal health and welfare. The chicken breast used in every McDonald’s product for each burger, McNuggets, and Chicken Selects is 100% breast meat.

McDonald’s UK Chicken Products and their Taste

The chicken used by McDonald’s is only chicken breast white meat across all the chicken items. Each item is made with 100% chicken breast meat. This chicken is sourced from certified suppliers that supply perfection and is chopped into small pieces, which make the chicken easy to eat and shape.

In a McDonald’s restaurant, each McNugget and other chicken items are cooked perfectly by the McDonald’s team until they become crispy and then served hot. 

  • McNuggets
  • Chicken Selects
  • McCrispy
  • McSpicy
  • McChicken Sandwich
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken
  • Mayo Chicken
  • The Caesar & Bacon Chicken, One-Grilled
  • The Sweet Chilli  Chicken One-Grilled
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Crispy Chicken Salad
  • Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad
  • Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad
  • The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One-Crispy
  • The BBQ & Bacon Chicken, One-Grilled

Chicken supplied from Farm to Restaurant

McDonald’s never compromises on the quality of what they serve; that’s why they always purchase ingredients from trusted suppliers. They support suppliers and set sustainability goals related to sourcing, including good-quality food like chicken sourcing, beef sourcing, coffee, packaging, and many others.

McDonalds Chicken Sourcing is deeply committed to the health and welfare of animals in its supply chain. Therefore, McDonald’s only works with approved and certified suppliers who meet its high standards as well as who those are required by EU and UK legislation.

Chicken supplied from Farm to Restaurant

How is the chicken used by McDonald’s produced in farms?

All the Chicken used by McDonald’s in their product is organic and healthy which is sourced from different certified farms. In these approved farms, 

  • Animals like chickens are reared in sheds with access to daylight, 
  • This will help in pecking and perching objects. 
  • Each Chicken breast meat McDonald’s uses is obtained from approved suppliers. Each supplier must have an integrated and sustainable supply chain. 
  • All these aspects ensure the standards of McDonalds Chicken Sourcing.
chicken farming

McDonald’s Working with Suppliers

They work hard to focus on and maintain continuous growth and improvement which led to positive effects on chicken welfare. McDonald’s provides daylight to reared chickens and also to all other birds in the supply chain. This will help animals to perch and peck objects easily that provide them natural habitat and express natural behaviors. 

  • McDonald’s is committed to chicken sourcing with improved techniques and welfare outcomes.
  •  In the UK and Ireland, McDonald’s joined with the approach that is economic, environmental, and ethical sustainability of McDonald’s supply chain.
  •  These approaches provide the direct result of the quality of Chicken through the experience of their lives. 
  • McDonald’s is working with Queen’s University, Belfast on research with animal welfare experts. This approach provides continuous development in this field.
  • A partnership a few years ago with Keystone Foods provided them with high-quality Chicken for their McNuggets and beef, and fish sourcing for their items. 

How is sustainability managed in McDonalds Chicken Sourcing?

McDonald’s provides their customers to enjoy high and best quality food sourced from sustainable and ethical resources. It is working with suppliers to enhance and fulfill chicken sourcing requirements.

  •  They launched chicken welfare improvements by supporting the development of protein and alternative feed. 
  • Moreover, McDonald’s is committed to improving the sustainability and resilience of the Chicken supply chain. 
  • They pay attention to chicken welfare outcomes which directly provide an assessment of welfare chicken experiences. 
  • McDonald’s is committed to eliminating deforestation from supply chains. The chicken feed in the supply chain is traced back to low deforestation regions with the certification either through ProTerra or Round Table on Responsible Soy Certification standards


Q. Where does McDonald’s UK get their Chicken from?

Mcdonald’s UK sourced chicken from many countries including the UK, France, Thailand, Brazil, and Holland. The Chicken from these countries is purely organic and reared on farms with high standards and assurance.

Q. If 100% Chicken breast is used by McDonald’s what happens to the rest of the chicken?

McDonald’s buys finished chicken products through which they use 100% chicken breast meat for its different products like McNuggets, Chicken Selects, and patties of different burgers. The rest of the meat is then used for other non-McDonald’s products. 

Q. Are Chicken Nuggets made with real chicken?

Chicken breast meat is only used by McDonald’s UK across all its restaurants. McNuggets are prepared from 100% chicken breast meat which is sourced from approved suppliers. McDonald’s does not work with those who do not meet their standards of animal welfare and sustainability. 

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