Ronald McDonald’s House Charities – A Great Initiative by Fast Food Chain

Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC) is an organization (nonprofit) that supports different programs to maintain and help families and improve the health of children who are injured and ill. McDonald’s has had a strong association and affiliation with RMHC for the past 30 years, helping about 50,000 families.

RMHC operates independently and also associates with other healthcare providers to support families. In this organization, different programs have been offered, like Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, and Ronald McDonald Mobile Programs. 

History of Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC), UK

The history of this charity program tells about the partnership between McDonald’s, a doctor, and the Philadelphia Eagles. A football player from the Philadelphia Eagles named Fred Hill had a daughter who was a patient with leukemia, and at that time, it was an inspiration for the team to raise support for the hospital with funding and fundraising.

In the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a doctor, Dr. Audrey Evans, recommended and requested funds to make a house for children’s families who were admitted to the hospital so that their families can take proper rest and remain near their children. So, this request was approved by Ed Rensi, who was the area manager for McDonald’s. This idea was provided to create an environment where families feel at ease for treating their children.

Founders of RMHCFred Hill,  Dr Audrey Evans, and Jim Murray
CEO of RMHCSheila Musolino 
Founded AtOctober 15, 1974
Founded inUnited States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Headquarters United States, Chicago, Illinois 

What does McDonald’s House Charities do?

The mission of this program is to provide children with a place to have their families near them when they are in the hospital. and to ensure that they are completely safe and supported in our houses.

This means they provide accommodation to families near children’s hospitals. It is like a ‘home away from your home’ where they can live, sleep, rest, and spend time. Moreover, they are also provided by staff who take care of the families, so the families do not face any problems and can completely attend to their children.

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How does McDonald’s help the charity?

McDonald’s is the biggest supporter of the Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC) organization.  They help the families by donating and by providing help for fundraising annually by facilitating office space, advertising, and other resources for it.

If we check, since 1989, McDonald’s has raised more than £85 million for this Ronald McDonald House Charity program to help the well-being of families. Moreover, not only McDonald’s but also their customers contribute to this charity program by donating to the collection boxes, ordering from McDonald’s kiosks, and making donations that are surely given to Ronald McDonald House Charity.

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Which ways does McDonald’s opt to raise money?

McDonald’s takes part in many charity program events. Since 2018, McDonald’s has raised about £500,000 and provided a great effort for the betterment of the families.

  • Through fundraising programs
  • By selling custom-made raffles, toys, bake sales, and many others.
  • Through many fun activities
  • By participating in many sponsored events like car rallies, bike rides, and many others.

Which facilities are provided to the families through this Ronald McDonald’s House Charities program?

Families staying with us spend time well; they can also cook, rest, and play together only a little away from their children in the hospital. This organization often welcomes families and provides them with events in communal areas, like birthday parties and other celebrations in these houses.

  • Kitchen for families where they cook
  • Areas for relaxing and rest
  • Playing area for children
  • Supportive staff
  • Telephone to talk to your children in Ward


Q. Can visitors come to the Ronald McDonald’s House?

Yes. This organization allows you to invite your friends and welcome visitors to come and visit the Ronald McDonald’s House to support their family and to spend time.

Q. Can the child admitted to the ward come and visit the house?

If the doctor and the medical team allow and say it is possible to leave the hospital and visit Ronald McDonald’s House, they can come and visit, and if the house manager has no issue with it. 

Q. How much does it cost to stay at Ronald McDonald’s House Charities?

The stay at Ronald McDonald’s House is free; just at the start, you have to pay £25, which will be refunded when you check out of the house.

Q. How long can someone stay in the room?

The families can stay at Ronald McDonald’s House until their children are in the hospital. 

Q. Can someone book a room in advance?

The families usually stay at Ronald McDonald’s House as long as their children are in hospitals. So, there is no confirmation about when the room will be free; that’s why it is not possible to book a room in advance.

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