McDonalds Farming

McDonalds Farming – Meet The Farmers Policy

McDonald’s has worked with farmers for decades to get the best quality substances in McDonalds Farming Programe. Meet the Farmers is a campaign that McDonald’s runs to get the best sourcing and production for McDonald’s food items, that tells about the origin of the ingredients and their quality.

McDonalds Farming

Through it, they share information with the customers about the farmers and producers who are taking part in it and also involve the growth and production of the raw materials that McDonald’s uses. McDonald’s makes their customers trust them for quality standards and sourcing of the ingredients.

How is McDonald’s Investing in the Future of Farming?

McDonald’s instead of serving great food also performs many other activities for the betterment of people and the future. Meet the Farmers is McDonald’s agriculture program for the farmers and for the future of farming to enroll many people in this platform.

McDonald’s is trying to make young people realize and inspire the next generation of farming talent with the variety of future requirements in the food and farming industries that will provide real benefits in careers in this space. 

McDonald’s Link with Farmers:

McDonald’s is closely linked with Farmers and their work which is always useful in supplying to this fast food chain. McDonald’s works in partnership with many farmers and suppliers in McDonalds Farming Policy.

McDonald’s has been working and dealing with farmers for about 20 years. McDonald’s shows its interest in supporting farmers in different areas. The company has set sustainability goals related to sourcing, including good quality beef, chicken, coffee, and packaging. 

McDonald’s Link with Farmers

McDonald’s connects with farmers for a long time and trusts them, here are some farmer’s names that are mentioned in the table:

HelenThe beef that McDonald’s uses in their burger and other items is supplied by a beef farmer from Buckinghamshire. McDonald’s has a healthy relationship with all farmers who provide them with fresh and pure beef.
AndrewThe healthy and fresh potatoes that McDonald’s uses in their delicious french fries have been obtained from Andrew’s farmer for 30 years. 
David and HelenA farm named David and Helen farm in Cumbria has been supplying McDonald’s with good quality eggs for over 17 years. These eggs are used by McDonald’s for multiple items in their breakfast like McMuffin.
MikeAll the dairy products and items come from Mike’s family which is present in Devon. These help to provide organic and enriched milk for various items like milkshakes, coffees, tea, and many more.

What are the Aims of McDonalds Farming Program?

McDonald’s trying to deal with three great aims:

  • Providing Support to Farmers
  • Increasing the standards of animal welfare & raising
  • Making Sustainable environment
  • Future Strategies for the Career of youngs

Progressive Young Farmers Programme   

McDonald’s also takes care and thinks about the youth and makes efforts for them. Each year McDonald’s gives chance to nine young people to spend 1 year as a farmer and get knowledge about all the terms and points of this fast food supply chain.

They get an opportunity to meet and work with many different farmers, and suppliers all over the country. They communicate and deal with all farmers that provide this fast food chain with meat, beef, chicken, eggs, potatoes, dairy items, and many others.  

They are also given a chance from this Meet the Farmers program, in which they can take special projects and enhance their knowledge and efficiency by working for five months in the supply chain, and then for six months working on a farm and then spending a month at McDonald’s office UK. This program will help and focus on their future and also help McDonald’s in different farming sectors that include efficient and good production.

Progressive Young Farmers Programme   

Raising animal welfare standards

As animals are a source of a variety of essential items along with nutritive items, for this purpose animal welfare is so important. McDonald’s takes good care of animal welfare which in turn provides great popularity to this fast food chain McDonald’s. As McDonald’s wants to make a good impact on the customers they follow positive steps to treat animals. For this reason, McDonald’s deals with suppliers that meet their demands.  

Raising animal welfare standards

Conservation of nature

McDonald’s tries to maintain everything at a balanced rate. Therefore, McDonald’s focuses greatly on nature and protects and maintains its sustainability.

McDonald’s makes efforts to promote the biodiversity of nature by protecting forest sand and also looks forward to water management. They collaborate with farmers and suppliers and use new technologies and research to protect and restore nature. 

Conservation of nature

Working towards net zero

This fast food chain adopts different strategies through this Meet the Farmers program to work towards net zero emissions and sustainability from farms to restaurants.

McDonald’s UK has the ambition to achieve it by 2024. For this reason, McDonald’s is investing in research and helping the farmers so that together they all bring the changes.

mcdonalds net zero policy

What steps does McDonald’s take to maintain stability? 

McDonald’s working on various initiatives to maintain sustainability at each step for environment stability, water management, animal welfare, and sustainable food sourcing, and keep in mind to practice three R, reduce, reuse, and recycle. They aim to support environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices in their supply chain.

McDonald’s knows about the importance of water and that’s why they always try to adopt strategies to conserve water and improve water efficiency in restaurants. Also, focus on the best menu with sustainable and healthy food options for nutritive food items. McDonald’s publishes a report yearly about the sustainability goals and environmental and social performance on their official website.


Q. Where do McDonald’s source ingredients for their food?

McDonald’s always takes care of the quality and sourcing of their food items and never compromises on it. For this reason, McDonald’s works with almost 23,000 British & Irish Farmers to source beef, eggs, and potatoes. Also, McDonald’s works with Spain, France, and Holland when needed.

Q. Who grows potatoes for McDonald’s UK?

The healthy and fresh potatoes that McDonald’s uses in their delicious french fries have been obtained from Andrew’s farmer for 30 years. Andrew Suffolk provides McDonald’s with Shepody and Russet Burbank potatoes.

Q. Does McDonald’s own their farms?

McDonald’s uses ingredients and products which all are organic and naturally occurring. All the beef for their burgers, milk for their desserts and milkshakes, eggs for their McMuffins, and potatoes for their french fries come from the best-producing farms. McDonald’s does not have their own farm instead they have a strong connection with the farmers from where they get all their products.

Q. How is McDonald’s sustainable?

McDonald’s works on environmental sustainability, regarding packaging and waste, McDonald’s makes strategies and attempts to reduce waste and make more sustainable packaging. 

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