Mcdonalds potato sourcing

McDonalds Potato Sourcing Farms in UK

McDonald’s takes care of all the ingredients and products they use in their items for a better customer experience and never compromises on the food quality or taste. In this way, McDonalds potato sourcing is done in a very refined way.

The majority of potatoes McDonald’s uses for their products, especially the world-famous French fries, come from over 110 British growers. All these growers are trusted and approved suppliers who maintain high standards and sustainability for their products. 

Different farmers that supply McDonald’s with Potatoes

McDonald’s buys potatoes for its world-famous French Fries from over 110 British growers. These grow high-quality potatoes by maintaining the quality of the soil at a sustainable rate. Nationally recognized farm assurance schemes approve all British farmers that supply potatoes to McDonald’s. 

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The list of potato suppliers is provided in the table below:

Andrew Francis (Potato and Carrot Grower) (Flagship Farmer)Andrew Francis is a potato grower who grows potatoes on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. He is connected with McDonald’s Flagship Farmer Program.
Frank Martinez (potato grower)Frank Martinez supplies great-quality Russet Burbank, the best potatoes for McDonald’s Fries.
Jenn Bunger (potato supplier)JennBunger supplies McDonald’s with the high-quality potatoes that McDonald’s wants.She grew up on a farm in Pasco, Washington.
100 Circle FarmThis farm grows potatoes in circles that are visible from space. Then the Lamb Weston cut them into fries. They produce thousands to twenty-four tonnes of potatoes per day. 

McDonald’s Potato Variety 

As mentioned earlier, McDonald’s never compromises on the quality or taste of the food they serve. So McDonald’s always tries to choose and select the best ingredients for its food. McDonald’s uses a variety of potatoes for their products. Mainly, the potatoes are used for making their world-famous fries, which are popular all over the world.

McDonalds Potato Sourcing

McDonald’s uses varieties of potatoes that are big enough that the fries cut from them are long enough and can easily be dipped and nibbled.

  • Ivory Russet
  • Innovator 
  • Russet Burbank
  • Pentland Dell
  • Shepody Potatoes 

How does McDonald’s make its delicious fries?

McDonald’s buys healthy and organic potatoes from trustworthy suppliers. Then these McDonalds potato sourcing methods are used to make delicious items. 

  • McDonald’s prepares world-famous French fries by first washing the potatoes. Then simply peel, cut, and fry in a healthy rapeseed oil. 
  • To add more taste, McDonald’s sprinkles some salt on it before serving. 
  • Then these delicious fries are served with ketchup and any of the other sauces from McDonald’s UK.

How does McDonald’s invest sustainability in McDonalds Potato sourcing?

McDonald’s has been maintaining and developing sustainable farming for all food items in the restaurant and food industry for a long time. McDonald’s makes delicious fries through McDonalds Potato Sourcing, which is all because of the great potatoes that the farmers really made and grew to be special. 

Every farmer that connects to McDonald’s is certified by a scheme of recognized farm assurance Bord Bia and Red Tractor. McDonald’s works with these farms through McDonald’s Sustainable Potato Supply Grou. For this purpose, McDonald’s introduces and launches:

  • Sustainable MacFries Fund
  • McCain, in which McDonald’s invested £1m over 2 years.
  • This provides research and support to British potato farmers so that they can use new technologies that optimize water quality and management and improve soil quality. 


Q. Where does McDonald’s get their potatoes from the UK?

McDonald’s buys potatoes for its world-famous French Fries from over 110 British growers. Andrew Francis is a potato grower who has been supplying Russet Burbank and Shepody Potatoes to McDonald’s. Moreover, Frank Martine and Jenn Bunger also supply potatoes to McDonald’s.

Q. How much percentage of the McDonald’s fries are actually potatoes?

The potatoes used for fries are 100% pure, healthy potatoes, but when other ingredients are mixed during their preparation, like the oil used for frying, which is a non-hydrogenated vegetable oil that is absorbed by potatoes,. So the end-up potato fries have 86% potato remaining.

Q. Does Pesticides are used for growing potatoes that McDonald’s sources?

McDonalds Potato sourcing is done through trustworthy farmers. The pesticides they use during the growing process are also approved by EU legislation. The suppliers do not use pesticides that contain methamidophos, which was banned in 2008 by the EU.

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