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McDonalds Leadership in UK – Who is CEO?

As a Fast Food chain, McDonald’s maintains its Leadership well. McDonalds Leadership is great to achieve the mission of customers’ favorite and most preferred place to eat.  McDonald’s shows great appreciation by providing and maintaining high-quality food and high service, in a good and sustainable environment at a great value.

McDonald’s UK Leadership works as a system or team to provide profitable growth for, farmers, shareholders, and suppliers. This is to maintain a continued focus on customers’ requirements and the health of our System.

McDonald’s UK Chief Executive OfficerAlistair Macrow 
Chief Restuarant OfficerGareth Pearson (Senior Vice President)
Chief Marketing OfficerMichelle Graham-Clare (Senior Vice President)
Chief People OfficerJames Thorne (Senior Vice President)
Chief Financial OfficerMark Kiernan (Senior Vice President)
Vice President Technology & ChangeAlison Gillham
Vice President, Operations, NorthSarah Carter 
Vice President, ImpactAndrew Moys
Vice President, Operations SouthHazel Kraft 

McDonalds Leadership team in UK

McDonald’s UK Chief Executive Officer:

The Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s UK and Ireland is Alistair Macrow who was appointed in November of 2021 and performing his responsibility well in McDonald’s UK Leadership. Alistair lives in Essex with his family and his favorite food from McDonald’s is Quater Pounder Deluxe.

He earned a BA (Hons) degree in business studies from De Montfort University and has a diploma from the Market Research Society  He devoted a great role as Global Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice president and served the responsibilities of execution and development and developed strategies to maintain successful growth for McDonald’s all over the world. 

He has been recognized for the industry’s high commendation and has won many awards. and he devoted the leadership for McDonald’s to receive one of the first Cannes Lions. And now serving McDonald’s with great ambitions and efforts.

Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s UK Senior Vice Presidents:

McDonald’s performs its responsibilities that come with being a leader and with all presidents and leaders. McDonald’s Vice Presidents pay a great focus on customers to build better scope of communities, and other resources to help make the world and local communities a better place. McDonald’s is fulfilling the demands of high standards and ensuring that the restaurants and businesses are well-managed.

Chief Restuarant Officer 

The Chief Restuarant Officer (Senior Vice President) of McDonald’s UK is Gareth who has been serving since July 2023 as a vice president. He is serving and paying his responsibilities for the business of operational restaurants along with Field services, Corporate Operations, and Licensing. 

Gareth Pearson plays many roles in restaurant operations in the northern region and also plays a role as a Director of Franchising. He was also appointed as Head of Franchising in 2014 and plays a great role in this field too. Also, before becoming Vice President he had served in National Operations, Restaurants and held the responsibilities of Security & Licensing, Services & Safety. 

He worked and focused on creating a better work environment for the restaurant, and restaurant crew, and maintained a high customer experience. Gareth’s favorite food item from McDonald’s is Double Cheeseburger.

Chief Marketing Officer

The responsibilities of all the food strategies and marketing campaigns across the UK are devoted by senior vice president Michelle Graham-Clare who was appointed as a Chief Marketing Officer in September 2021 and played a great role in McDonald’s UK Leadership. She has also played a leading role in the execution and development of business. The most favorite item of Michelle from McDonald’s is Chicken McNuggets

She joined the business in 2015 as a Marketing Manager, and also played roles as Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, and recently as Vice President of Marketing. During their working experience at McDonald’s, she made great efforts in many advertising campaigns, including the Grand Big Mac, Spicy Nuggets, and McCafe range, which led to successful promotion for the UK & Ireland. 

Chief People Officer

James Thorne was appointed as a Chief People Officer (Senior Vice President) in October 2023 and leads very well the People team across UK & Ireland. The favorite food item of James from McDonald’s UK is Sausages & Egg McMuffin. 

In 2007 he joined this business field and devoted great roles to the People Function, and he has proven himself a hardworking collaborator, as an HR partner who maintains and develops a high level of improvement. He was also recognized as a Chartered Fellow by CPID in 2022.

In McDonald’s for over 15 years, he served as an HR business partner, Field Corporates in International Markets where he has evolved and increased people’s brand standards. Also, he has served as the International Developmental Licensing Europe people Lead where he made many positive gains.

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Kiernan, a senior vice president as a Chief Financial Officer joined McDonalds Leadership UK in June 2022. His favorite item from McDonald’s is a Double Cheeseburger.  He is serving his responsibilities in Finance and business strategies. Mark has connected with McDonald’s for 17 years and has proven to be the best and most talented leader, he has also built strong relationships and links across the business. 

Before joining McDonald’s in 2005, since then he spent time and served in Ireland as Finance Director and after returning to the UK he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Finance in March 2020. Recently, Mark Kiernan devoted his expertise to leading businesses by setting new strategies for the UK & Ireland which helped in expanding the success of McDonald’s. 

Chief Financial Officer

McDonald’s UK Vice Presidents:

Vice President Technology & Change 

The Vice President, of Technology and Change of McDonald’s UK and Ireland is Alison Gillham. She was appointed in October 2021. She plays the role of close alignment with the Operation and Technology Team. The favorite food item of Alison from McDonald’s Menu is McFlurry

She joined McDonald’s as a Change Director in the UK and Ireland and maintained broad strategies steps and objectives, that led to effective results of their strategic priorities.

She has worked with many organizations, and with a lot of number-one brands including Costa Coffee and Whitebread, and has experience of 20 years in this field. 

Vice President, Operations, North

Sarah Carter was promoted in March 2020, to Operations North Vice President at McDonald’s UK.  She is performing her responsibilities for all restaurants & Franchising operations in the UK & Ireland. During her work experience, she has worked in many teams and got seconded to the Marketing Team, leading to award-winning. 

First, in 1944 she joined McDonald’s as a Trainee Manager, and efficiently progressed and achieved an Operation Consultant position in 2001. She has strong dedication and passion, resulting in 2007 she was recognized as the McDonald’s President’s Award.

Recently, Sarah Carter was the Director of Franchising & Operations in North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The favorite food of Sarah from McDonald’s Menu is A white coffee with Sweet Chilli chicken wrap and Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Vice President, Impact

Andrew Moys posted on April 2021 as an Impact Vice President at McDonald’s and connected to McDonald’s UK Leadership. He has joined McDonald’s UK as a Director of Corporate Affairs in June 2019. His responsibility is to develop communication all across the business including corporate affairs, consumer and corporate PR, internal communications, brand reputation, and other regional communications. His favorite food from McDonald’s is Big Mac.

He also communicates and reports business critical agendas and plans for change programs. He started his career in management then led to communication functions for many high brands such as the John Lewis Partnership,  Cadbury, and Royal Mail Group & Dentsu. Andrew also played his role in crisis recovery and management during the COVID-19 Time. 

Vice President, Operations South

Vice President, of Operations South at McDonald’s UK & Ireland is Hazel Kraft who was appointed in September 2021. Her duty is as she is responsible for all restaurants & franchising operations in Ireland and the UK Southern Region. 

In 2009 she joined McDonald’s and played roles in US Operations and US Finance and Corporate. During this time she also worked part-time as a Crew in the restaurant, and Hazel completed McDonald’s Leadership Program.

Hazel also played responsibilities for functional alignment, planning, and strategy within the leadership team in Strategy & Alignment of  McDonald’s 81 International Development Licensee Markets in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Before joining McDonald’s, she also worked as a management and consultant at Accenture and KPMG for clients in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Her favorite food from McDonald’s is Fries, Chicken McNuggets, and apple pie.

Vice President, Operations South


Q. Who is the head of McDonald’s UK?

The head of McDonald’s UK who is Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, Alistair Macrow was appointed in November of 2021 and performed his responsibility well in McDonald’s UK Leadership.

Q. What are the different types of Managers in McDonald’s UK Leadership?

McDonald’s has various high-ranked and top-level leaders and managers. These include the CEO, different Vice Presidents, the chairman of the board, the marketing manager, the chief restaurant officer, the Chief People Officer, and many others. 

Q. What does McDonald’s team leader do?

The different team leaders from McDonald’s UK Leadership have different responsibilities and jobs to do according to their positions, but the main thing they perform is to maintain a safe, secure, and sanitary environment for their guests, and employees.

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