Selecting a cold drink will describe your personality!!

Your choice of cold drink will describe your personality and reflect your tastes and sensibilities; by selecting any drink, one can tell what sort of person you are! Most people select drinks according to their mood, and the different drinks are selected according to any occasion and sometimes according to the environment and weather.

McDonald’s recently posted an interesting post on its official Instagram page for its fans. It’s like a game in which you have to select a cold drink according to your choice, which will describe your personality. It is like a personality test game.

cold drink will describe your personality

In this post, the author interacted with people by reading and replying to their comments. As mentioned below the post, “Admin is judging; comments are yours.”

What your drink says about your personality?

Coca ColaThey say basic; We say classic
Caramel Iced Frappe Iced Coffee is your whole personality
Strawberry MilkshakeRule breaker doubles as a dip and a drink
Tropicana Orange JuiceShe thinks breakfast is the best meal of the day
Frozen Strawberry LemonadeWears shorts all year round
Organic MilkYou do you…

In the picture that is posted on the page, the author has mentioned some cold drinks with their picture, along with the interesting statement that these cold drinks reflect. Like Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, which is the coldest drink at McDonald’s, they mentioned wearing shorts all year round for it, which is too cold to bear. Moreover, people are excitedly commenting on their favorite cold drinks along with an interesting statement about the drink.

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