McDonalds Beauty Collaboration with Nails. Inc

McDonalds Beauty Collaboration with Nails. Inc is a latest news roaming everywhere. Recently McDonalds made its fans by launching the first-ever collaboration with British Beauty brand of Nail. Inc. This fast-food chain has partnered with a beauty company and will launch a McDonald’s nail polish set inspired by some of its famous menu offers.

The set contains two nail paints along with other nail art items like sticker sets, decoration items of nails, and one press-on nail set. These new exciting products will be available online on different sites like Amazon and Nails. Inc. official website, and Target stores.

McDonalds Beauty Collaboration with Nails. Inc

This new item will be served and available in packaging of McDonald’s French Fries theme. The nail polish color that McDonald’s has presented is a Gotta Ketchup shade, Big Mac Brown shade and the McDonald’s stickers are also available in the set. 

Moreover, it contains 30 transparent and nude-shaped nails in almond shape design with a few of them having stickers of McDonald’s french fries packaging. This fries-themed fake nail set featuring McDonald’s is available online only for $8.99 and with a French manicure option has a price of about $6.99.

 For those fans who are in search of looking for shining manicures, so for them, gold hearts toppers with shimmering appearance stickers are available too with the slogan ‘I’m lovin’ it’, 

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