Suspect Arrested for killing mother of 4 after an escalation in McDonald’s Atlanta

Tamanika Woods has been identified by the police as the woman who was brutally shot near a McDonald’s in southwest Atlanta on Wednesday, December 28, 2023. According to Atlanta Police Department Statement cited by Fox 5 Atlanta, the incident happened around 3 p.m. at 1166 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. 

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old T’Niya Evans on Thursday, and 30-year-old Woods were caught up in an argument that unfortunately led to gunfire. Atlanta Police Lt. Germain Dearlove gave a statement saying that the motive seems to be a growing dispute between customers.

Mcdonald's Atlanta

What does Investigations conclude?

The investigators have not confirmed whether the shooting occurred inside or outside the McDoanld’s branch. However, people who were present around the crime scene caught the lady red handed and didnt let ehr go until the police and law authorities did not show up there.

Tragically, Tamanika Woods was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition, and she could not bear the injury and left for heavnly abode.

Regarding T’Niya Evans, she was charged against serious crimes like murder, aggravated assault, carrying a firearm, and theft by receiving stolen property. 

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Evans was later taken to Fulton County Jail and will be taken to court on December 30, 2023 to make her initial court appearance.

A close friend of Woods mourning her death

A female friend, who was close to Tamanika Woods, expressed deep sorrow and a broken heart upon hearing the news of her death. She was deeply saddend witnessing the incident and wasnt able to understand the motive behind the argument and killing her friend with a gunshot.

Dicsussing her departed friend, she shared, “I never would’ve seen this happening.” She added that she would remember her friend as a “loving, family-oriented woman.”

She kept on describing her friend, Tamanika Woods as a “very humble, sweet-spirited young lady.” 

In a heartfelt tribute, she concluded, “She will truly be missed.”

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