McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake Menu

You might be looking for the McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake Menu UK, and your search ends here. This blog will provide you with complete information regarding the variety of drinks available at this fast food chain. Also, you can check complete McDonald’s Menu.

Milkshakes and Drinks

McDonald’s Offering Variety of Milkshakes and Drinks in all SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE sizes. All are with different calories quantity. You Must enjoy these items.

What types of drinks are available at McDonald’s Menu in the United Kingdom?

Considering the snacks, fast food items, and delicious meals, McDonald’s offers a variety of cold drinks to pair with the food items for a complete and delicious meal experience. From fizzy drinks to still drinks, McDonald’s provides a complete drinks menu for people’s choices and preferences. 

Without any further delay, let us jump straight into the details of the variety of cold drinks available at this fast food chain.

Fizzy Drinks:

As a fast food giant, McDonald’s serves a variety of fizzy drinks. These include three different types of Coca-Cola, two types of Fanta Orange, Sprite, lemonade, and smoothies. These drinks are available in different portion sizes, and customers can choose the portion size according to their requirements.

McDonald's Fizzy Drinks

Coca-Cola is available as Classic Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Diet Coke. Fanta Drink is available as Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange Zero, even Sprite is served with Zero Calories. The Fanta Orange Zero is not available in all restaurants of McDonald’s and is available in Northern Ireland branches of this fast food chain.

Besides these drinks, McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake Menu offers pineapple and mango smoothies, caramel iced frappes, and strawberry lemonade frozen on its cold drinks menu.

McDonald's Fizzy Drinks 2

Water & Still Drinks:

Other than fizzy drinks, one can find organic and still drinks on the McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu, which include water, oasis of two types, IRN-BRU, Tropicana Orange Juice, organic milk, and Robinsons Fruitshoot.

Oasis Summer Fruit Zero is available in Northern Irish restaurants of McDonald’s while IRN-BRU is only available in McDonald’s Franchises in Scotland.

McDonald's Water & Still Drinks

Nestle PureLife Water and Deep RiverRock Water are served in this fast food chain restaurants. Like some other drinks, Nestle Pure Life water is available in all branches except Northern Ireland restaurants, where Deep RiverRock water is served.

McDonald's Water & Still Drinks 2


Besides cold beverages and still drinks, McDonald’s offers milkshakes of different flavours on its Cold Drinks Menu. Currently, there are 4 different flavours available, which include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and banana flavour. These shakes are available across all the branches of this fast-food chain in the United Kingdom.

McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake Menu

What are the most popular McDonald’s Drinks?

Following are the most popular cold drinks available on McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu. This popularity index is based on the terms of their consumption and taste.

  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • Diet Coke
  • Fanta Orange
  • Sprite Zero

Different beverages gain popularity based on different factors. Coca-Cola is considered a universal fizzy drink because of its worldwide popularity and its taste is recognized. Diet Coke has become a favoured choice of sugar-restricted because it carries low sugar content. 

Particularly, on a hot day, Sprite comes up as a refreshing drink with a taste of citrus soda. Young children especially prefer drinking Fanta Orange which shows both sweet and tangy flavors in equal portions.

Besides these fizzy drinks, one can choose organic and healthy drinks like Orange Juice, Semi-Skimmed Milk, and Oasis.

Choosing the Right McDonald’s Drink:

At McDonald’s, you may get confused while choosing the perfect drink for your meal because of the variety of cold drinks this fast food chain offers. In such cases, one should prefer his personal choice based on his health and energy consumption.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right McDonald’s drink:

Your Mood & Taste Preference:

The first thing is to determine your mood for a drink. If you want something sweet or something refreshing, you must try the Tropicana Orange juice, oasis or Fruitshoot will be a perfect choice for such a mood. 

However, you must acknowledge your taste before selecting a fizzy drink. McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu offers drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Mango & Pineapple Smoothie, Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, and Iced Caramel Frappe for a sweet and amazing taste.

Nutritional Requirements:

Before you order any drink from the menu, make sure you keep an eye on your nutritional intake. McDonald’s mentions the nutritional facts and reports of each of its items on the website from where you can know the number of carbs, proteins, sugars, fibres, and fats present in a particular drink. After knowing the nutritional value of drinks, make the right choice for a drink.

There are various healthy drinks available like Milkshakes in different flavours, juices and fizzy drinks without calories that can be paired up with your drink.

Activity Level of the consumer:

As an athlete, you may be looking for drinks that provide a significant amount of energy and keep a balance of nutritional elements like vitamins, protein and fibre. Milkshakes, Tropicana orange juices, oasis, and organic milk are available anytime on the McDonald’s menu.

Align Your Budget:

McDonald’s usually has all the drinks at affordable prices but there are a few drinks that are slightly expensive. Furthermore, different portion sizes of drinks like Medium and Large cost more bucks. So, you should decide how much money are you willing to spend. 

No matter what you are in the mood for, McDonald’s drink menu has something that is perfect for you. So next time you are ordering at McDonald’s, take some time to choose the right drink to enjoy with your meal.

Tips to make healthy drink choices at McDonald’s

Here are some tips to make healthy drink choices at McDonald’s UK:

  • Choose water over any other drink. It is the healthiest drink that you can drink from the McDonald’s menu.
  • If you have any gastric issues, you should avoid or limit your intake of fizzy and juice.
  • If you do choose a beverage or juice, go for diet versions or low-sugar options of drinks like Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Calorie, and Sprite Zero.
  • For a healthy drink, you should order your drink without ice from McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu to save calories. Fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola and Fanta Orange contribute to weight gain and diabetic issues.
  • Always opt for a smaller size drink because even a healthier drink becomes less suitable if you consume it in large quantities.

What are the Healthiest Drinks at McDonald’s Menu?

The healthiest drinks that one can find on McDonald’s menu are Water, semi-skimmed organic milk, and a variety of milkshakes. 

Water: Water is undoubtedly the healthiest drink that a person can ever drink. It contains the necessary minerals and keeps your body hydrated. Moreover, it is completely calorie-free and anyone can drink without any health issues.

Organic Milk: McDonald’s Offers Semi-skimmed organic milk which is another healthiest drink option. Milk contains the necessary nutrients like calcium, potassium, and protein which are highly effective for the strong growth of bones and muscles.

Milkshakes: Milk, when paired up with fruits like bananas and strawberries, makes a delicious milkshake that not only provides excessive protein, vitamins, and other nutrients but also a significant amount of energy to do different tasks while being fully energetic.

On a Final Note:

This blog provided the latest information regarding the updated McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu and the pricing details. All the prices that are mentioned in this blog are taken from the Deliveroo platform, which is an official delivery partner of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom.

These prices in menu may fluctuate with time and location, so stay updated with us and get to know more about the cold drink menu of this fast food chain.


Q. Does McDonald’s Serve Coca-Cola drink in the UK?

Yes, McDonald’s serves Coca-Cola in three different tastes and flavours.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Classic

Diet Coke

Furthermore, one can get these drinks in multiple portion sizes like Small, Medium, and Large.

Q. What are the new drinks available at McDonald’s outside the UK branches?

IRN-BRU, Fanta Orange Zero, and Oasis Summer Fruits Zero are some of the drinks available in McDonald’s branches outside the UK. Deep River Rock Water is also available in branches outside the UK.

Q. Does McDonald’s offer frozen Coca-Cola or frozen Sprite in its branches in the UK?

No, McDonalds Cold Drinks and Milkshake menu has not offered frozen Sprite or Coca-Cola in its branches in the United Kingdom until now. The fast food chain says that they do not have any particular plan for launching these drinks in a frozen state.

Q. What portion sizes of soft drinks does McDonald’s serve?

Almost every drink on McDonald’s Beverages and cold drinks menu is available in three sizes i.e. Small, Medium, and Large. 

Q. Can I get milkshakes in a value meal deal at the same price?

In a value meal option, McDonald’s does not provide Milkshakes. But it gives an option to swap the drink from that meal with the milkshake. This will cost you some extra bucks and you can order any portion size of your favourite flavour of Milkshake.

Q. Can you get a mix of all milkshake flavours from McDonad’s menu?

McDonald’s staff can or cannot mix milkshake flavours to make a new recipe. However, it totally depends on that particular restaurant 

Q. What portion sizes of milkshakes are available at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s serves milkshakes in three different portion sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Each portion size has its own price.

Q. Why Vanilla milkshake is not available when McDonald’s offers a promotional shake?

McDonald’s restaurants have a very limited number of milkshake machines. Therefore, in case any promotional shake is running on the menu, a machine making regular milkshakes will have to shut down. Therefore, you may never get a vanilla milkshake if a promotional shake is going on.

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