Strategies for new McDonalds Ellon Restaurant

The McDonald’s fast-food chain has established plans and strategies for a new McDonalds Ellon Restaurant. In their new plan, they mentioned a proposal for a drive-thru facility at Balmacassie Brae Land.

The plan submitted 112 letters of support to the Aberdeenshire council that proved to be hit with locals, and if approved it will built on the land of Balmacassie Brae alongside the town’s busy superstore. However, the application was withdrawn because of local authorities who were concerned about the car parking site and inadequacy of drive-thru, but now McDonald’s provided a more effective and alternative plan. Now in this plan, they have removed the drive-thru option.

When the application was submitted last year in May, McDonald’s said that it “long held a hope” to establish the site in the north-east town, and now “it happening the thinking is mutual.”

The aim and strategies of the project will present a contemporary building for McDonald’s restaurants which facilitates, bicycle parking, car parking, landscaping, and many more other features that will fascinate customers.”

The new McDonald’s restaurant is expected to be open 24 hours whole week. Inside, there will be room for 25 customers along with an outdoor dining area to enjoy their meal. In their new plan and strategies, there will be 39 parking spaces, along with an electric vehicle charging area and also with a bicycle parking area. Also, they mentioned that they will employ about 100 staff.

They also mentioned this restaurant will bring both social and economic benefits. All these strategies will fulfill and cover the demands of McDonald’s services in that area.

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