Mr. Men and Miss Little back within a Happy Meal

 Now in a Happy Meal!

McDonald’s Happy Meal Back with Mr. Men & Miss Little

McDonald’s brings another excitement by bringing Mr. Men and Miss Little back within a Happy Meal and more surprisingly just under £1.99. This Happy Meal is a fascinating item for kids as it contains a book or a toy that kids love the most and a book token too. 

This McDonald’s Happy Meal is available between 12 to 25 Feb on their McDelivery Menu, so don’t miss this super opportunity for your kids. 

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This Happy Meal Bag is themed with Mr. Men & Miss Little Character so your little one will pleasurably recognize these characters and enjoy this meal which offers some tasty items a Pineapple Stick, McNuggets or Veggie Dippers with a carrot bag, and a Nestle water bottle or any other drink option.

The token that is provided with this Happy Meal is used only once and has a book for £1 and an audiobook for £2.99 and specially designed for “WORLD BOOK DAY 2024” only for children under the age of 18. 

Families can buy this Happy Meal for their kids at home via the McDonald’s App between 12 Feb to 25 Feb. So What are you waiting for Go! and buy this amazing deal for your kids.

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