McDonald’s New Arrival Spiciest Burger

McDonald’s Collabs with the best-known brand sauce Franks ReHot.

McDonald’s UK brought the biggest excitement for Spice Lovers by presenting the extra hot yum in their menu.

Are you excited to taste it?

Can you handle such hotness in your meal?

So, here you go McDonald’s introducing a new spicy burger, launching the spiciest burger ever in just a few days which is launch on Wednesday 7 Feb. The price expected for this hot spicy burger is $5.59 and with any meal, it may be $7.29.

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This Spicy Burger is box fresh with a magic spicy sauce. This spicy burger collaborated with FRANK’S RedHot mayo which is going to be tasty Mac with crispy bread crumbs coating around the chicken breast patty loaded with melted yummy cheese, jalapenos, and fresh lettuce leaves, all these items wrapped in sesame seed bun. 

Excitement does not end here, the mouthwatering and spiciest ever RedHot sauce features this burger with a hot and delicious burger with unexpected hotness. This amazing twist will be available at all McDonald’s restaurants but it will end soon as it remains for only six weeks so grab this hottest opportunity as soon as it ends.

Get it quick as these are in for a limited number of exclusive tasting boxes, where you can win one and try a burger for free. The secret top site for getting this spicy hottie, you need to sign up for the Instagram of McDonald’s UK and discover the SUBTLE CLUE:hottestdrop0p24 and access to get the code. Then go for the GETMEAMCSPICYFRANKSREDHOTTASTINGBOX.NET and provide them the code that you have accessed and get this wonderful offer. The first 500 people will get access to this code. Go and get it hurry, as it will end soon.

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As Thomas ONeil, McDonald’s menu Head says McDonald’s takes care of the customers’s desires and wishes so for spice obsession customers he said As we know about how much our customers love the spice and were given away the reaction to the McSpicy since it first launched as a limited edition back in July 2021, growing to a permanent resident on our main menu”.

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